What IRC was to gamers in the 1990s and Team Speak was to gamers in the 2000s, Discord is to today's gamers. Think of it as a combination of text and voice chat, organized into different channels.

With TNM Live!, you can post cards from your circuits to one or more channels on Discord servers of your choice.

Use TNM Live! to set up which part of your cards you want to be posted, select the formatting to be applied automatically to different parts of your cards and matches and even manage multiple sets of posting instructions for each circuit - all in one easy-to-use plugin.

The main TNM Live! window is split into three sections, two of which are always visible.

The top-left section contains the list of all postings tasks. You can do so by clicking the bulb on the left-hand side of the task to turn it grey.

The bottom-left section lets you add, edit, and delete individual posting tasks.

The right section of the window only appears if you have unchecked ''Post All Cards To Same Channel'' and lets you post cards with different names to different channels.

TNM Live! comes with a default task already created. This task is a so-called ''catch-all'' which handles all cards in all circuits not specifically covered by other user-defined tasks. You can turn this default task off if you wish to only post specific circuits.

For each task, you can activate or deactivate different categories. These are:

PCard PreviewIf checked, you will be asked to enter a card preview when you run a card in TNM which will then be posted to Discord. Think of the content to be what is on a Countdown show.
OCard OpenThis is similar to Card Preview but contains the content with which you'd like to open your card before the first match starts.
MPre-Match CommentsBefore a match starts, you're able to supply specific commentary to be posted to Discord.
RMatch ResultsThis is the TNM-generated match result as you would see it when looking at card results. This should be checked unless you only wish to post your own write-ups.
FFinishesIf you saved either the finish or the full play-by-play for a TNM match, the last 20 or so lines will be posted to Discord.
CPost-Match CommentsAfter a match ends, you'll get a chance to type up your thoughts on the match for posting to Discord.
WCard Wrap-UpThese are the post-card comments which TNM lets you enter.

In most cases, you will only use a subset of these. I typically check the Card Open, Match Results, Finishes, Post-Match Comments and Card Wrap-Up.

Following the same logic from before, you can activate or deactivate a category for a particular task by clicking the corresponding bulb on the right-hand side of the task entry.

Task Management

In addition to the default task, you can add circuit-specific tasks.

Every circuit may be assigned as many tasks as you wish - but only one task per circuit can be active (green bulb) at any time. The active task for a circuit determines which cards get posted where. Having multiple tasks set up for a particular circuit allows you to quickly switch between different configurations. For instance, you may have one task for live-posting to one Discord server while you have another task for posting on a delay to a different Discord server. This approach saves you the effort of having to manually change posting URLs and formatting information regularly.

If there is no active task for a circuit, the default task will be used when running cards. If the default task has been deactivated and there isn't an active circuit-specific task, cards from that particular circuit will not be posted to Discord.

To add a task, click the ''Add Task'' button.

Select the circuit which this task is going to cover from the drop-down list.

Give the task a unique name.

By default, ''Post All Cards To The Same Channel'' is checked. Most users will have this checked. See the next section for advanced configuration options if you'd prefer to use multiple Discord Channel URLs for your circuit.

If you're only going to use one URL, paste the Channel URL into the box provided. Valid Discord Channel URLs (also known as ''Discord Webhooks'') begin with

Then check which parts of your cards you would like to post. For each entry, the drop-down list on the left allows you to select how this part will be formatted; you can choose from any combination of italics, bold and underlined.

Important: Please let TNM Live! handle the formatting of whichever text you post to Discord. Discord's internal text mark-up language interpreter is very picky, and mistakes will result in text not posting at all or incorrectly.

When you're happy with everything, click ''Save''. TNM Live! will try to validate your Channel URL by posting a test message to it. If posting fails, TNM Live! will ask you to please provide a different Channel URL.

If you don't have a live Channel URL handy and just want to test the functionality, press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER while the cursor is in ''Channel URL'' to insert the TNM Discord server's #public-testing channel hook.

To edit a task, click the task in the task list and click the ''Edit Task'' button.

To create a copy of an existing task, click the task in the task list, then click ''Duplicate Task'' and make sure you use a different task name.

Advanced Posting

If you uncheck ''Post All Cards To The Same Channel'', the program window will be expanded with another pane to the right.

Advanced posting allows you to configure TNM Live! in a way where cards with certain names in your circuit get posted to different Discord channels.

TNM Live! sets up a default configuration for you which handles all cards to which none of the other entries you create applies.

Example: Imagine you have a WWE circuit in which you run three types of cards - RAW, Smackdown and house shows. You want to have RAW cards posted to one Discord channel, Smackdown cards posted to another Discord channel and all other cards not to be posted.

You would set this up by leaving the Channel URL for the ''All Cards'' channel empty and creating two more channels, one with the card name ''RAW'' and the RAW Channel URL and another for the card name ''Smackdown'' and the Smackdown Channel URL.

When you then schedule cards, every card with ''RAW'' in the name will be posted to one channel and every card with ''Smackdown'' in the name will be posted to another.

You also have the option of omitting match times and match ratings on a per-channel basis. If checked, TNM Live! will automatically remove match times and/or match ratings from the results posted to Discord.

Manually Post Card Results

In addition to having TNM Live! post your cards as they happen, you have the option of posting any match or card from any circuit manually.

To do so, click the ''Post Existing Cards'' button.

Select the circuit on the top left, then select a card from the list below.

You can then either pick a specific match from the drop-down list on the top-right side of the screen or go straight to posting the entire card by clicking ''Post Card''.

For each match, you can edit the Match Preview, the Results, the Finish and the Post-Match Wrap-Up by selecting the appropriate tab and then adding or modifying the text below.

Once you're happy with your text, click ''Post Match'' to post this particular match or ''Post Card'' to post the entire card to Discord.

Please note that Discord protects its against being spammed by bots automatically posting large amounts of text. For this reason, it only affords external programs a certain number of posting slots before they are put on timeout. TNM Live! manages this process automatically and keeps you informed of any posting delays right next to the ''Post Match'' and ''Post Card'' buttons.

How Do I Create/Find My Posting URL?

In order to obtain Posting URLs, you need to either run your own Discord server or obtain such a URL from the server's owner.

To post your circuit on the official TNM Discord Server, please Join TNM on Discord and then send a personal message to @tnmlyger with the name of your circuit. I will then create a circuit channel for you in the Circuits section of the TNM Discord server and reply with your Channel URL.

Every circuit will only be sent one Channel URL on the official server. Split-posting of different cards from your circuit to different channels isn't permitted or we'll end up with ten #wwe-raw channels.

If you have access to your own Discord server, the next sections will show you how to create your own Channel URLs.

Right-Click On Your Discord Server's Logo

Open Discord in a web browser. You will see all of the logos of the servers you are subscribed to on the left.

Right-click the logo of a server on which you have the permission to create a so-called ''Webhook''.

A Webhook is a uniform resource locator (URL) which accepts data from outside and posts the data to a text channel on a Discord server.

If you have four text channels you wish to post to, you will need to create a Webhook for each of the channels.

Discord Webhook URLs follow this format:

Go To Server Settings // Integrations

Click ''Server Settings'', and a submenu will pop up on the right. On this list, please select ''Integrations''.

Click ''View Webhooks''

Once the Integration panel opens, you'll see a number of sections on the right-hand side of the screen.

The section we need is ''Webhooks'', more precisely the button ''View Webhooks''. Click this button.

Click ''New Webhook''

This part of the page lists all Webhooks you've previously created for your server.

If you wish to create a new Webhook, click ''New Webhook''.

Create Your Webhook

Every Webhook has a name and a target text channel.

If you've already defined a Webhook for the channel you want to post to, just click ''Copy Webhook URL'' and continue to Step 6a or Step 6b.

Otherwise continue here.

The name you enter here will be used when messages get posted to your text channel over this Webhook.

Enter your Webhook's new name, select the channel you wish to post to automatically from the dropdown list on the right side.

You'll see a warning towards the bottom of the screen which tells you that there are unsaved changes. Click Save.

Then click the ''Copy Webhook URL'' button which will copy its address to the Windows clipboard. This is the address you need to post into TNM Live!.