King of the Ring '97


Quarterfinal Match
1-2-3 Kid pinned Crush after a high cross body in 0:18:49.

Quarterfinal Match
Rick Rude pinned Diesel after a Hotshot in 0:03:18.

Quarterfinal Match
IRS pinned Man Mountain Rock after an inside cradle in 0:13:47.

Quarterfinal Match
Razor Ramon pinned Sid Vicious after a backslide in 0:17:45.

Jean Paul Levesque pinned Michael Hayes after a flying elbowdrop in 0:13:40.

Chris Benoît and Owen Hart beat The Smoking Gunns when Benoît pinned Bart Gunn after a Northern Lights suplex in 0:16:09.

Semifinal Match
1-2-3 Kid pinned Rick Rude with a double-leg cradle in 0:12:43.

Semifinal Match
Razor Ramon pinned IRS with the Razor's Edge in 0:17:19.

Davey Boy Smith pinned Jeff Jarrett after a crucifix in 0:15:34.

Big Titan and Adam Bomb beat The Nasty Boys when Big Titan pinned Sags after
a superkick in 0:29:14.

Bruiser Bedlam pinned Steve Williams after hitting him with a foreign object in 0:15:51.

Bret Hart made Shawn Michaels submit to a sleeperhold in 0:17:54.

1-2-3 Kid pinned Razor Ramon with a sunset flip in 0:23:31.

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