Grapplin' in the Garden


Tom Prichard pinned Dan Kroffat after a rolling reverse cradle in 0:12:34.

Doug Furnas pinned Jimmy Del Rey after a rollover in 0:13:03.

Davey Boy Smith pinned Rick Rude after a small package in 0:11:01.

Chris Benoît and Owen Hart beat 1-2-3 Kid and Razor Ramon when Benoît pinned 1-2-3 Kid after a top-rope legdrop in 0:19:48.

Kwang pinned Man Mountain Rock after an enzuigiri in 0:13:32.

Steve Williams defeated Dean Malenko by disqualification in 0:18:15.

Big Titan and Adam Bomb beat The Blue Brothers when Big Titan pinned E. Blue with the Frankensteiner in 0:16:10.

Bruiser Bedlam defeated Diesel by disqualification in 0:10:03.

The Undertaker pinned Scott Norton after a choke slam in 0:06:27.

Bret Hart pinned Bam Bam Bigelow after an inside cradle in 0:12:55.

Match Observations:

The two singles matches between the Can-Am Express and the Heavenly Bodies
didn't answer the question as to which one is the better team. This, however,
will be decided at the Royal Rumble when the two teams face each other once
again - this time sans Jim Cornette.

Should Steve Williams keep the Intercontinental Title against Ludvig Borga at
the Royal Rumble, a new challenge will be awaiting him in the form of the newest
member of the Million Dollar Corporation, Dean Malenko.

When are we going to see a decisive victory for Bruiser Bedlam ? Perhaps never.
However, he will be getting his title shot next month.

The Undertaker proved without a shadow of a doubt that he is back and better
than ever. Scott Norton bit off a little more than he can chew when he issued
a challenge to the man in black.

Although it didn't look that way most of the match, Bret Hart's title reign
remained intact as he beat the Beast from the East, Bam Bam Bigelow, in a very
close call.

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