March to WrestleMania XIV


Rick Rude pinned Duke Droese with the Rude Awakening in 0:00:37.

Chris Benoît and Owen Hart beat Aldo Montoya and 1-2-3 Kid when Benoît pinned Montoya after a top-rope legdrop in 0:18:36.

The Can-Am Express beat Hakushi and Kwang when Kroffat pinned Hakushi after
a dragon suplex in 0:10:15.

Razor Ramon defeated Shawn Michaels by disqualification in 0:10:54.

Match Observations:

Due to his decisive victory over Duke Droese, IRS will be getting a title shot
at Steve Williams' IC Title next Sunday in the L.A. Memorial Coliseum.

After their match, WWF President Jack Tunney forced Owen Hart and Chris Benoît
to sign for a title match against Man Mountain Rock and his mystery partner to
be held at WrestleMania.

Now how is that for a change ? Not only did Michaels not beat Razor Ramon, but
he would have gone down to the Razor's Edge, had it not been for Psycho Sid.

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