WrestleMania XV


Marty Jannetty pinned Ludvig Borga after a superkick in 0:09:59.

Steve Williams pinned Bruiser Bedlam with the Oklahoma Stampede in 0:12:15.

The Heavenly Bodies beat Davey Boy Smith and 1-2-3 Kid when Del Rey pinned D.B. Smith with the Moonsault Bodyblock in 0:05:20.

Chris Benoît pinned Dean Malenko with the Dragon Suplex in 0:22:21.

Rock'n'Roll Express beat The Blu Brothers when Morton pinned E. Blu after the Double Dropkick in 0:34:53.

Lex Luger pinned Scott Norton after the Running Forearm Smash in 0:17:49.

Big Titan pinned Rick Rude after a belly-to-belly superplex in 0:13:04.

The Can-Am Express and The Smoking Gunns battled to a draw in 0:30:00.

Shawn Michaels defeated Adam Bomb via pinfall in 0:20:41.

Bret Hart defeated Yokozuna via pinfall in 0:31:52.

Vader pinned Bam Bam Bigelow after a moonsault in 0:22:27.

Match Observations:

The fifteenth installment of WrestleMania has gone by without any major
surprises. The one thing that probably came closest was the way in which Bret
Hart defeated his archenemy Yokozuna.

Lex Luger has also once again emerged as a strong contender for Vader by not
losing one match in a seven month period.

Even though Vader pinned Bam Bam Bigelow clean in the middle of the ring, the
last word certainly wasn't spoken in their feud.

The Rock'n'Roll Express have emerged on the WWF scene with a vengeance. Somehow
I have a feeling that they'll be locking horns with one of Jim Cornette's duos
VERY soon.

Speaking of Cornette, rumor has it that the Louisville Slugger is contemplating
reforming the Midnight Express. That would of course require getting Stan Lane
out of retirement, something he has ruled out thus far.

Negotiations are going on with another legendary tag team: Michael "P.S." Hayes
and Terry "Bamm Bamm" Gordy may soon don their tights once again in the WWF.
Does this mean, we may be in for a battle of Bam Bams ?

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