King of the Ring '99


Hakushi pinned 1-2-3 Kid after an Asai moonsault in 0:14:22.

Bret Hart pinned Barry Windham after a small package in 0:30:12.

Cactus Jack defeated Ludvig Borga by disqualification in 0:15:52.

Steve Austin pinned Big Titan after hitting him with a foreign object in 0:15:30

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
The Smoking Gunns beat The Can-Am Express 2 falls to 1 :
x Billy Gunn beat Kroffat via countout in 0:02:36
x Kroffat beat Bart Gunn via a side step in 0:31:08
x Bart Gunn beat Furnas via pinfall in 0:47:47

Loser-Leaves-Town-Texas Death Match
Chris Benoît beat Dean Malenko 3 falls to 0 :
x Chris Benoît via a top-rope legdrop in 0:22:56
x Chris Benoît via the Dragon Suplex in 0:30:13
x Chris Benoît via a flying cross body press in 0:34:51

The Fabulous Freebirds beat The Nasty Boys when Gordy pinned Sags with the Power Bomb in 0:28:22.

Semi Finals
Bret Hart pinned Hakushi after a German suplex in 0:24:36.

Semi Finals
Cactus Jack pinned Steve Austin after a rollover in 0:14:32.

The Midnight Express beat Big Titan and Adam Bomb when Lane pinned Big Titan after hitting him with a foreign object in 0:23:27.

Rock'n'Roll Express beat The Heavenly Bodies when Gibson pinned Del Rey after the Double Dropkick in 0:41:36.

Vader pinned Lex Luger with the Power Bomb in 0:17:30.

Cactus Jack pinned Bret Hart after a flying clothesline in 0:21:15.

Match Observations:

This year's King of the Ring PPV can be aptly described as the night of mayhem
and surprises.

Of all things, who would have thought the Smoking Gunns were to appear with Ted
DiBiase as their new manager and that they'd win the titles under his guidance ?
The way in which they won may be questionable, however the fact remains they
were beat time and again by the Can-Am Express, and on their first title shot
under Ted DiBiase, they win the titles.

On the other hand, the night wasn't strictly ups for DiBiase, as Dean Malenko
lost not only a title shot, but a loser-leaves-town match to IC champion Chris
Benoît. Speaking of Benoît, it does look like he's changed his ways lately. Have
you seen how the fans cheered him against the second-generation grappler ?

Another surprise came at the hands of Cactus Jack, a longtime tag team wrestler,
who not only beat Ludvig Borga, but also upset Stunning Steve Austin and most of
all two-time triple crown holder Bret "Hitman" Hart. His winning of the King of
the Ring title makes him the number one contender for the WWF title come Summer-

Lightning didn't strike thrice, as Vader convincingly beat "Made in the USA" Lex
Luger in the show's WWF world title match.

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