Fukuoka Mania 2000


The Can-Am Express beat Masao Orihara and Shinjiro Otani when Furnas pinned Orihara after a moonsault in 0:31:12.

Scott Norton pinned Big Titan with the Powerslam in 0:17:00.

Heisei Ishingun beat Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart when Koshinaka pinned Michaels after a German suplex in 0:39:40.

Terry Gordy pinned Dory Funk Jr. with the Power Bomb in 0:21:48.

Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Hiroshi Hase after a somersault splash in 0:14:03.

Great Sasuke and Chris Benoît beat 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty when Sasuke pinned 1-2-3 Kid after a Frankensteiner from the top rope in 0:20:29.

The Undertaker pinned Great Muta with the Tombstone in 0:22:13.

Cactus Jack and Terry Funk beat Mr. Pogo and Ginsei Shinzaki when Cactus Jack pinned Pogo with the Leaping DDT in 0:26:21.

Genichiro Tenryu pinned Vader after an enzuigiri in 0:29:32.

Stan Hansen pinned Lex Luger with the Lariat in 0:27:06.

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