King of the Ring 2001


Konnan pinned Kwang with the Niagara Driver in 0:13:28.

Quarter Final Match
Big Titan defeated Terry Funk by disqualification in 0:14:13.

Quarter Final Match
Shawn Michaels pinned Lex Luger after a superkick in 0:19:03.

Quarter Final Match
Dean Malenko pinned Razor Ramon after a backslide in 0:19:26.

Quarter Final Match
Sting pinned Owen Hart after a DDT in 0:19:32.

Brian Pillman and Jimmy Del Rey beat The New Bodies when Pillman pinned Prichard with the Air Pillman in 0:36:03.

Yokozuna pinned Cactus Jack with the Banzai Drop in 0:16:41.

Semi Final Match
Shawn Michaels pinned Big Titan after a superkick in 0:13:41.

Semi Final Match
Sting made Dean Malenko submit to the Scorpion Death Lock in 0:15:50.

Rock'n'Roll Express beat The Midnight Express when Gibson made Eaton submit to
the Gibson Leglock in 0:07:10.

Dan Severn made Ludvig Borga submit to the Cross Armbar Submission in 0:08:53.

The Jurassic Powers and Marcus Alexander Bagwell and Too Cold Scorpio battled to a draw in 0:30:00.

1-2-3 Kid pinned Hakushi after a Northern Lights suplex in 0:27:20.

Stan Hansen pinned The Undertaker with the Lariat in 0:23:31.

Sting made Shawn Michaels submit to the Scorpion Death Lock in 0:21:48.

Match Observations:

Dan Severn and Konnan gave impressive debuts against Ludvig Borga and Crush
respectively. Honestly, no one expected them not to do this good...

Too Cold and Bagwell really proved resilience in holding on to the straps
against the colossal Jurassic Powers. Although it stands in the record books as
a draw, merely not being dismantled deserves huge acclaim.

Sting did exactly what he set out to do - Hansen beware !

The Midnight Express have left the WWF.

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