September Fest 2001


Dan Severn made Owen Hart submit to the Cross Armbar Submission in 0:17:22.

The Road Warriors beat Rock'n'Roll Express when Hawk pinned Gibson after the Doomsday Device in 0:17:44.

Yokozuna and Razor Ramon battled to a double countout in 0:12:28.

Shawn Michaels pinned Lex Luger after a superkick in 0:07:35.

Too Cold Scorpio and Marcus Alexander Bagwell beat The Jurassic Powers when Scorpio pinned Norton with the Scorpio Splash in 0:28:08.

The Undertaker pinned Stan Hansen after a DDT in 0:17:54.

Sting defeated Dean Malenko via pinfall in 0:18:41.

Match Observations:

Is Stan Hansen's magic broken ? First he pins everyone in sight for something
like two years, then he loses the title to Sting, and now his patented Lariat
misses its mark enroute to Hansen's pinfall loss to the Undertaker.

The returning Road Warriors maimed WWF mainstays the Rock'n'Roll Express in
brutal fashion. Are Too Cold and Bagwell next ? We'll see at November's Survivor

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