SummerSlam Fever 2002


Marty Jannetty pinned Soldier Wright after a superkick in 0:06:31.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
The Hart Foundation beat The Funk Brothers 2 falls to 0 :
x B. Hart beat D. Funk Jr. after the Hart Attack in 0:31:40
x B. Hart beat D. Funk Jr. via a German suplex in 0:48:43

Dan Severn made Owen Hart submit to a half Boston in 0:09:28.

Diesel and Razor Ramon beat Shawn Michaels and Jeff Jarrett when Diesel pinned Michaels after a side suplex in 0:23:25.

Stan Hansen pinned Shane Douglas after a belly-to-belly suplex in 0:24:54.

Match Observations:

After losing once again to Stan Hansen, Shane Douglas grabbed the microphone and
challenged Hansen to a final match between the two - to be held at SummerSlam.
Hansen agreed to a two-out-of-three falls match, and the loser must never step
in the ring with the winner again.

As a consequence, Douglas forfeited his title shot at Yokozuna - for now. WWF
President Jack Tunney decided that Yokozuna was to defend against IC champion
Dan Severn. Since Severn would have nothing to lose in this fight, the IC title
will be vacated if Severn were to lose. If Severn does beat the Japanese monster
once again, he will be only the second man in WWF history to hold the IC and
World Title simultaneously. Should Severn win the WWF title, WWF rules require
him to forfeit the IC title.

Thus, whether the title changes hands or not - a tournament for the IC title
will have to be held.

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