Return from the Crowning 2003


Razor Ramon pinned Chris Benoīt after a rollover in 0:20:46.

Rick Rude and Davey Boy Smith battled to a double disqualification in 0:11:46.

Adam Bomb and Big Titan beat The Sky Scrapers when Adam Bomb pinned Spivey after a slingshot in 0:15:29.

Dean Malenko and 1-2-3 Kid battled to a draw in 0:20:00.

Dan Severn made Owen Hart submit to the Cross Armbar Submission in 0:19:40.

Diesel and Shawn Michaels beat The Road Warriors when Diesel defeated Hawk by
reversed decision in 0:26:01.

Sting made Sasaki San submit to the Scorpion Death Lock in 0:14:46.

Gary Albright pinned Marty Jannetty with the Dragon Suplex in 0:13:03.

Match Observations:

What a great match Razor Ramon and Chris Benoīt really had. Both gave their all
and it could have gone either way. Upon Benoīt losing the IC title, we have
learned that the Canadian sensation will take some time off from the ring wars
to spend with his family. He has announced he will be back sometime - the only
question that remains is when.

Meanwhile Bam Bam Bigelow was in his home in urban Asbury Park, New Jersey,
training for his title shot at Gary Albright at SummerSlam.

Speaking of Albright, he definitely ended Marty Jannetty's winning streak...

Sting is apparently getting his dwindling ring career back on track. It was
about time, by the way.

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