Survivor Series Showdown 2003


Ludvig Borga made Great Sasuke submit to the Horizontal Backbreaker in 0:19:15.

Dean Malenko pinned Razor Ramon after a backslide in 0:14:01.

Adam Bomb and Big Titan beat Gary Albright and Steve Williams when Adam Bomb defeated Albright by disqualification in 0:20:08.

Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Sting after a moonsault in 0:09:22.

Match Observations:

Who would have thought an IC title change would occur on the Survivor Series
Showdown special on USA Network ? Razor certainly didn't, but Malenko outsmarted
the Bad Guy. Razor has never been someone to cry over spilt milk, so he demanded
a rematch to be held at Survivor Series, which Ted DiBiase agreed to - provided
it be a submission match.

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