Montreal Mayhem 2005


Lance Storm pinned Chris Jericho with the Swinging DDT in 0:16:58.

Sasaki San pinned 1-2-3 Kid after a duck-down move in 0:21:32.
The Midnight Express beat Johnny B. Badd and Davey Boy Smith when Eaton pinned Badd after a high cross body in 0:30:43.

Razor Ramon pinned Marty Jannetty with the Razor's Edge in 0:14:50.

Shawn Michaels pinned Ted DiBiase after a superkick in 0:16:58.

Big Titan and Adam Bomb beat The Quebecers when Big Titan pinned Pierre after hitting him with a foreign object in 0:12:42.

Chris Benoît pinned Owen Hart after a small package in 0:18:51.

Diesel pinned Ludvig Borga with the Jackknife in 0:01:07.

Bam Bam Bigelow and The Undertaker beat Stan Hansen and Steve Regal when Bigelow pinned Hansen after a moonsault in 0:17:31.

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