September Slaughterhouse 2005


Too Cold Scorpio and Marcus Alexander Bagwell beat The Midnight Express when Scorpio pinned Eaton after a small package in 0:35:28.

The Patriot pinned Steve Regal after a diving shoulderblock in 0:04:45.

Arn Anderson and Razor Ramon beat Adam Bomb and Big Titan when Anderson pinned Adam Bomb after a backslide in 0:21:04.

Big Boss Man pinned Owen Hart with the Bubba Slam in 0:13:26.

Wayne Shamrock made Marty Jannetty submit to the STF in 0:05:17.

Shawn Michaels and Diesel beat The Quebecers when Michaels defeated Pierre by
disqualification in 0:20:42.

Sting pinned Stan Hansen after a German suplex in 0:20:45.

1-2-3 Kid pinned Ric Flair after hitting him with a foreign object in 0:16:19.

Match Observations:

Did Flair's tactics backfire on him this time around ? You bet ! This victory
will give the 1-2-3 Kid a title shot at next month's Saturday Night's Main

At the same card, Diesel and Shawn Michaels will face the Quebecers in a rematch
and Too Cold Scorpio and Marcus Bagwell will face Razor Ramon and Arn Anderson.

IC Champion Wayne Shamrock will have to put his title on the line against the
Big Bossman, and the Patriot faces Stan Hansen.

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