Hiroshima Mania 2005


Iron Man Match
Sabu and Ultimo Dragon beat Too Cold Scorpio and 1-2-3 Kid 5 falls to 4 :
x 1-2-3 Kid beat Ultimo Dragon via a moonsault bodyblock in 0:05:14
x Scorpio beat Ultimo Dragon via a power bomb in 0:19:32
x Scorpio beat Sabu via the Scorpio Splash in 0:29:54
x Sabu beat Scorpio via a top-rope Frankensteiner in 0:31:31
x Sabu beat 1-2-3 Kid via the Moonsault in 0:35:15
x Sabu beat Scorpio via a top-rope Frankensteiner in 0:36:30
x 1-2-3 Kid beat Sabu via a sunset flip in 0:48:59
x Ultimo Dragon beat 1-2-3 Kid via pinfall in 0:51:24
x Sabu beat Scorpio via a top-rope Frankensteiner in 0:56:18
x time limit expired in 1:00:00

Wayne Shamrock pinned Ginsei Shinzaki after a rollover in 0:18:59.

Heisei Ishingun beat Adam Bomb and Big Titan when Kobayashi pinned Adam Bomb with the Power Bomb in 0:30:25.

Dan Severn and The Patriot beat Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Masahiro Chono when Severn made Tenzan submit to the STF in 0:22:40.

Shawn Michaels pinned Keiji Muto after a sitdown in 0:19:18.

The Steiner Brothers beat Razor Ramon and Arn Anderson when R. Steiner pinned Razor after the Top Rope Bulldog in 0:19:08.

Hiroshi Hase pinned Bam Bam Bigelow with the Northern Lights Suplex in 0:17:13.

Genichiro Tenryu and Riki Chosyu beat Tarzan Goto and Stan Hansen when Tenryu pinned T. Goto after a spinebuster slam in 0:24:15.

Shinya Hashimoto pinned Sting with the Running DDT in 0:08:44.

Ric Flair and Toshiaki Kawada battled to a draw in 0:20:00.

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