Spring Blast in MSG 2007


Toshiaki Kawada and Shinya Hashimoto beat Chris Benoît and Al Snow when Kawada made Benoît submit to the Stretch Plum in 0:27:56.

Special Six-Man-Tag Match
The Midnight Express and Waylon Mercy and Horsemen Flair & Anderson and Paul Roma battled to a double disqualification in 0:22:01.

Tazmaniac and 1-2-3 Kid battled to a draw in 0:20:00.

Special Six-Man-Tag Match
Steve Williams, Great Muta and Diesel beat Hiroshi Hase, Yokozuna and Hiroyoshi Tenzan when Williams pinned Hase after
a German suplex in 0:23:35.

Sting pinned Shawn Michaels after a jumping DDT in 0:21:30.

Match Observations:

Chris Benoît is one unlucky person. He has had three tenures in the WWF thus far
and all three were ended by injuries. This is the fourth time that Benoît will
have to take a hiatus from the WWF due to injuries suffered in a match.

Toshaki Kawada's backdrop driver severely injured Benoît's neck and then an
enzuilariato followed by the Stretch Plum found its mark. This time chances are
good that Benoît won't return at all.

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