Survivor Series 2008


Death Match
Too Cold Scorpio and 1-2-3 Kid beat The Body Donnas 4 falls to 3 :
x Radford beat Scorpio via a belly-to-belly superplex in 0:03:37
x Scorpio beat Skip via a sitdown in 0:13:28
x Skip beat Scorpio via a top-rope Frankensteiner in 0:25:24
x Skip beat 1-2-3 Kid via a top-rope Frankensteiner in 0:40:49
x 1-2-3 Kid beat Radford via the Top Rope Legdrop in 0:52:58
x 1-2-3 Kid beat Skip via the Top Rope Legdrop in 0:57:10
x Scorpio beat Skip via pinfall in 1:07:58

Sting made Sid submit to the Scorpion Death Lock in 0:11:38.

Harlem Heat beat Yokozuna and Owen Hart when Booker T pinned Yokozuna after
an inside cradle in 0:19:52.

Ladder Match
Razor Ramon defeated Diamond Dallas Page in 0:07:46.

Shinya Hashimoto and Riki Chosyu beat Stan Hansen and Brian Pillman when Hashimoto pinned Hansen with the Running DDT in 0:28:40.

Cage Match
The Undertaker defeated The Giant by escaping the cage in 0:18:48.

Shawn Michaels and Diesel beat Horsemen Flair & Anderson when Michaels pinned Anderson with the Superkick in 0:17:14.

Chris Benoît pinned Vader after a flying legdrop in 0:14:26.

Match Observations:

A wonder has just taken place: Chris Benoît - at 6'0", 255 lbs., defeated 6'4",
389 lbs. Vader for the WWF title.

It may have been a fluke; time will tell whether or not that is the case.

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