WrestleMania 2009


Special Six-Man-Tag Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
Hakushi, Too Cold Scorpio and Marty Jannetty drew The Body Donnas and Dean Malenko:
x Radford beat Jannetty via a dragon suplex in 0:30:17
x Hakushi beat Skip via a high cross body in 0:42:14
x time limit expired in 0:45:00

Dan Severn pinned Diamond Dallas Page after a German suplex in 0:21:45.

Brian Pillman pinned Sabu after a flying dropkick in 0:18:18.

Shinya Hashimoto and Hiroshi Hase beat Harlem Heat when Hashimoto pinned S. Ray with the Running DDT in 0:12:10.

Rick Steamboat defeated Yokozuna by disqualification in 0:19:22.

Stan Hansen pinned Riki Chosyu with the Lariat in 0:15:46.

Jim Cornette Banned From Ringside
Razor Ramon defeated Owen Hart by disqualification in 0:22:10.

Loser-Leaves-Town Cage Match
The Giant pinned Vader with the Choke Slam in 0:01:50.

The Head Hunters beat Shawn Michaels and Diesel when Head Hunter #2 pinned Michaels after a power bomb in 0:17:04.
(Shawn Michaels suffered a back injury.He will be out for approximately 3 months.)

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match for the vacant WWF World Title
1-2-3 Kid beat Sid 2 falls to 1 :
x Sid via the Power Bomb in 0:22:08
x 1-2-3 Kid via a moonsault in 0:26:27
x 1-2-3 Kid via a frog splash in 0:32:59

Match Observations:

We saw it coming. Shawn Michaels sustained a back injury in the tag team title
match. Fortunately it isn't as bad as most of us thought initially.

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