SummerSlam 2009


Public Enemy beat Brian Pillman and Too Cold Scorpio when Rocko pinned Pillman with the Drive By in 0:22:18.

Great Muta pinned Riki Chosyu after a Frankensteiner in 0:05:08.

Al Snow pinned Sabu after a dragon suplex in 0:15:05.

Sid and Owen Hart beat 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty when Sid pinned 1-2-3 Kid with the Power Bomb in 0:29:14.

Rick Steamboat pinned Dean Malenko with the Flying Cross Bodypress in 0:17:28.

The Head Hunters beat The Steiner Brothers when Head Hunter #1 pinned S. Steiner after an Asai moonsault in 0:31:41.

Bret Hart made Stan Hansen submit to the Sharpshooter in 0:11:05.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
Razor Ramon beat Skip 2 falls to 1 :
x Razor Ramon via a fallaway slam in 0:08:50
x Skip via a top-rope Frankensteiner in 0:28:56
x Razor Ramon via the Razor's Edge in 0:39:04

The Undertaker pinned Diamond Dallas Page with the Tombstone in 0:14:09.

The Giant pinned Diesel with the Choke Slam in 0:20:28.

Match Observations:

The Public Enemy made quite a name for themselves in their WWF debut in beating
Too Cold Scorpio and Brian Pillman.

In a few months, they might pose a serious threat to still-tag-team-champions
The Head Hunters. They fended off the challenge of the Steiners - albeit with
lots of luck.

Bret Hart is getting in high gear for his title shot at the Survivor Series.
Tonight he beat Stan Hansen with the Sharpshooter and sent him running from the

Razor Ramon has finally achieved his goal of getting back at Skip. Winning back
the Intercontinental Title in the process was a convenience, but not what Razor
was really after. With all due respect to Razor, the match was awfully close,
and I wouldn't be surprised to see Skip and Razor battle once again soon.

The Giant is getting ever more impressive stacking up win after win after win.
Tonight he beat none other than Big Daddy Cool Diesel to keep the title. We
shouldn't forget, however, that the Giant only won because he choked out Diesel
for well above one minute before hitting the choke slam. Had the referee not
been knocked out, he certainly would have DQ'ed the Giant well before he even
went for the choke slam.

Rest assured that WWF officials will review a tape of this match and give Diesel
a rematch in the near future.

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