Christmas Chaos Tour 2010


Adam Bomb and Richard Slinger beat Public Enemy when Adam Bomb pinned Grunge with the Crotch Slam in 0:14:48.

Koji Kanemoto and Davey Boy Smith battled to a double countout in 0:09:04.

The Road Warriors beat The Body Donnas when Hawk pinned Skip after
a flying cross body press in 0:16:58.

Loser-Leaves-Town Match
Brian Pillman pinned Chris Benoît with the Air Pillman in 0:14:20.

Arn Anderson pinned Great Muta with the Gourdbuster in 0:18:30.

Sabu pinned Too Cold Scorpio after a top-rope Frankensteiner in 0:03:12.

Special Six-Man-Tag Match
The Head Hunters and Vader beat The Steiner Brothers and Bret Hart when Vader pinned B. Hart with the Power Bomb in 0:11:07.
(Scott Steiner suffered an elbow injury. He will be out for approximately 1 card.)

The Undertaker and Razor Ramon battled to a double disqualification in 0:16:00.

Ric Flair defeated Shawn Michaels via pinfall in 0:41:26.

Match Observations:

Talk about a clean sweep for the Horsemen ! With the exception of Al Snow, who
is just recovering from an injury, every one of the Four Horsemen won his match
in convincing fashion... well, except for Flair, that is.

His victory over Shawn Michaels was a fluke, but a victory nevertheless.

Michaels will be getting a rematch at the New Year's Brawl in MSG.

Vader is quickly rising in the WWF ranks. Who knows... he might even be the top
contender to the WWF title once WrestleMania rolls along.

The Bret Hart - Sandman feud will come to an end at the Royal Rumble. If Hart
wins, the Sandman must never ever interfere against him again. Should the
Sandman win, Bret Hart will be forced to leave the WWF for at least one year.

Who would have believed Razor Ramon and the Undertaker could amass so much
hatred for each other ? They'll face each other both at the New Year's Brawl as
well as at the Royal Rumble. The former match will be a cage match, while the
latter will be a Miami Street Fight.

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