In Your House 2011 II


Big Titan and Adam Bomb battled to a double countout in 0:16:32.

Bret Hart and The Sandman beat Public Enemy when B. Hart defeated Rocko via pinfall in 0:23:08.

Triangle Match
Arn Anderson defeated Dean Malenko and Great Muta:
- Dean Malenko defeated Great Muta by disqualification in 0:28:13
- Arn Anderson pinned Dean Malenko with the Gourdbuster in 0:28:16

With Special Referee Roddy Piper
The Steiner Brothers beat The Head Hunters when R. Steiner pinned Head Hunter #1 after a Steinerline in 0:15:26.

Casket Match
Razor Ramon defeated The Undertaker in 0:05:33.

Special Six-Man-Tag Match
Diesel, Shawn Michaels and Terry Funk beat Brian Pillman, Ric Flair and 1-2-3 Kid when Diesel defeated Pillman when the
referee stopped the match in 0:29:01.

Cage Match for the vacant WWF World Title
Eddy Guerrero made Vader submit to an armbar submission in 0:32:22.

Match Observations:

Something inside Adam Bomb and Big Titan must have snapped in last week's Battle
Royal. They ripped into one another like few people before them. What is
particularly puzzling is that they were tag team partners for some time without
ever having a break-up or falling out of any kind. Who knows ?

Bret Hart and The Sandman apparently had a lucky day against the Public Enemy.
Paul E. Dangerously's interference backfired giving Hart and Sandman their very
first win as a team. The Public Enemy were so incensed they fired Dangerously on
the spot. On the way out Paul E. told them to brace themselves for his new team
which will destroy Rocko and Johnny at the King of the Ring.

The triangle match for the IC title proved Arn Anderson's ring savvy. Muta lost
his cool and blew his mist in Dean Malenko's eyes causing himself to be DQed.
Anderson immediately capitalized on Malenko's temporary blindness and hit him
with the Gourdbuster for the pin.

What on God's green earth is Roddy Piper up to ? First he cost the Road
Warriors their match against the Head Hunters, now he fast-counted the Head
Hunters against the Steiner Brothers. Is he just back to wreak havoc or is
there a method to his madness ?

Be that as it may be, the Steiners kept their promise of handing the Hunters
their heads (pardon the pun) the first chance they get. One could tell that
Scott still isn't 100 percent, but Rick more than made up for it.

Razor Ramon finally felt some redemption by evening the score beating the
Undertaker in *his* own speciality match, the casket match.

Shawn Michaels really pulled off a major coup in bringing Diesel and Terry
Funk back to the WWF. Diesel didn't come totally unexpected, but Funk did.
You should have seen Flair's face when he saw his old arch-enemy staring at
him across the ring. Michaels & Co. pummeled the Horsemen beyond recognition.
The referee was forced to stop the match when it looked like the Horsemen
might suffer permanent injuries.

Eddy Guerrero did it. No one believed he could, but he defeated Vader. Not by
countout or disqualification... he made him submit in the middle of the ring.
Vader has an elbow injury and wrestled the match without medical clearance.
After toying with Guerrero for most of the match, Vader left himself open for
an armbar submission, and Guerrero accepted the invitation.

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