Return from the Rumble 2012


Razor Ramon pinned Goldust after a small package in 0:13:55.

Stan Hansen pinned Dean Malenko after a short lariat in 0:12:02.

Bret Hart and The Sandman beat Public Enemy when B. Hart pinned Grunge after
an elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle in 0:08:29. Rocko Rock tore his right

(tricep. He will be out for approximately 7 cards.)

Chris Benoît pinned Brian Pillman after a powerslam in 0:06:59.

Ahmed Johnson pinned Arn Anderson with the Pearl River Plunge in 0:18:00.

The Steiner Brothers beat The Eliminators when S. Steiner defeated Saturn by
disqualification in 0:22:52.

Owen Hart defeated Justin Bradshaw by countout in 0:17:14.

Eddy Guerrero pinned Cactus Jack with the Swinging DDT in 0:11:37.

Vader and The Undertaker beat Diesel and Shawn Michaels when Vader pinned Diesel after a moonsault in 0:27:04.
(Vader suffered an elbow injury. He will be out for approximately 3 cards.)

Ric Flair defeated Steve Austin via pinfall in 0:23:10.

Match Observations:

Apparently Goldust is discovering his mean streak. After Razor Ramon defeated
him again, Goldust layed out the Bad Guy in the middle of the ring... smells
like a long-running feud to me.

Owen Hart and Justin Bradshaw will meet again at In Your House, this time in a
falls-count-anywhere match.

Stan Hansen and Dean Malenko put on one of the best matches on record this
evening. While Malenko lost, he looked absolutely superb in doing so. Hansen's
short lariat came out of nowhere, and everyone knows what kind of damage Hansen
is capable of doing with this move. To Malenko's credit, he was back to his feet
within two minutes after being pinned.

Bret Hart and The Sandman have finally earned themselves a shot at the WWF World
Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania, whomever holds the titles at that point.

Ahmed Johnson and Chris Benoit will team up against Horsemen Anderson and
Pillman at In Your House, and it won't be pretty.

Eddy Guerrero is steadily on his way to a rematch for the WWF World Title
having beat Cactus Jack with the Swinging DDT clean in the middle of the ring.

Vader is injured. He hit his elbow hard when connecting with the moonsault that
pinned Diesel in the semi main event, and it is uncertain whether or not he'll
be in fighting condition at WrestleMania.

The WWF World Title changed hands tonight in a major surprise. Due to the way
in which Ric Flair pinned Steve Austin, outside interference to be exact, WWF
officials have scheduled a rematch between the two to be held at In Your House,
best two-out-of-three falls with DQs and countouts leading to a title change.

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