In Your House 2012 II


Brian Pillman and The Giant beat Chris Benoît and Ahmed Johnson when Pillman defeated Benoît via pinfall in 0:18:50.

Owen Hart made Goldust submit to the Sharpshooter in 0:26:46.

The Steiner Brothers beat The Eliminators when S. Steiner defeated Saturn by
disqualification in 0:28:56.

Loser-Leaves-Town Match
Bret Hart made The Sandman submit to the Sharpshooter in 0:18:14.

The Undertaker and Cactus Jack beat Diesel and Shawn Michaels when Undertaker pinned Diesel with the Tombstone in 0:24:09.

Vader pinned Steve Austin with the Power Bomb in 0:12:16.

Match Observations:

I guess this means the end of the Sandman's WWF career. He crossed Bret Hart's
path one time too many and he paid for it.

Due to his injury, the WWF championship commitee ruled Justin Bradshaw unable to
wrestle Owen Hart for the IC title. Instead, they gave Goldust the title shot.
The man who got his first WWF win just a few days ago at WrestleMania came close
to winning the Intercontinental title on several occasions, but Hart's poise and
ring presence spelled the difference in the end.

Diesel did wrestle injured, although he shouldn't have. The championship
commitee has no influence whatsoever on matches where no titles are at stake, so
they couldn't do anything about Diesel wrestling tonight. He paid for it,
though, as the Undertaker jammed his neck badly with the Tombstone enroute to
the win for Cactus Jack and the Undertaker.

Paul E. is fuming, and for a change rightfully so. He pointed out to the referee
that Rick Steiner had a handful of tights, as well as hooking the ropes while
going for the pin on one of his Eliminators. What did Danny Davis do ? He
disqualified the Eliminators ! Someone will have to look into this...

Ric Flair of all people interfered on the behalf of Vader in the championship
match. This means that Flair has to hate Austin more than he hates Vader, which
is quite a statement.

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