In Your House - Put Up Or Shut Up !


Hiroshi Hase and Toshiaki Kawada beat Al Snow and Kensuke Sasaki when Hase pinned Sasaki with the Northern Lights Suplex in 0:24:11.

Eddy Guerrero defeated Diamond Dallas Page by disqualification in 0:16:32.

Triangle Match
Great Muta defeated Owen Hart and Dean Malenko:
- Owen Hart defeated Dean Malenko by countout in 0:23:29
- Great Muta pinned Owen Hart with a top-rope Frankensteiner in 0:35:47

The Undertaker pinned Justin Bradshaw with the Tombstone in 0:18:39.

Triangle Match
The Steiner Brothers, Cactus Jack and Sabu and The Eliminators battled to a draw in 0:30:00.

Razor Ramon pinned The Giant after a fallaway slam in 0:07:58.

Chris Benoît defeated Vader via pinfall in 0:35:53.

Triangle Match for the vacant WWF World Title
Steve Austin defeated Bret Hart and Ric Flair:
- Steve Austin defeated Ric Flair by countout in 0:20:40
- Steve Austin pinned Bret Hart with the Stone Cold Stunner in 0:41:46

Match Observations:

Chris Benoit a Horseman ? I wouldn't believe it either, hadn't I seen it with
my own eyes. Arn Anderson helped Benoit defeat no lesser man than Vader ! What
more can be said ? I guess we'll have to fact the truth of Benoit becoming a
full-fledged Horseman...

The Great Muta is the new Intercontinental champion, having outlasted Dean
Malenko and Owen Hart, who traded the title back-and-forth over the past few
months, in a grueling triangle match. Our congratulations go out to the Pearl
of the Orient !

Cactus Jack and Sabu will definitely have to face both the Eliminators and
the Steiner Brothers again in due time, as both teams came awfully close to
taking away Cactus' and Sabu's newly-won WWF World Tag Team Titles.

This brings us to the main event. Boy, did the Horsemen pay for interfering in
Vader's business. Midway through the match, Vader came to ringside and chased
both Flair and Anderson away from ringside. They were gone faster than you can
say "coward". Hart and Austin fought a very, very close match. After both men
escaped the other's finisher, Austin played possum as Hart went to the second
turnbuckle. When Hart tried to deliver a flying bulldog, Austin side-stepped
him and caught him with the Stone Cold Stunner in mid-air, which spelled the
end of the match and the second title reign for Austin.

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