Survivor Series 2012


Elimination Match
Great Muta/Hiroshi Hase/Toshiaki Kawada/Dean Malenko beat Owen Hart/Jushin Liger/Kensuke Sasaki/Al Snow 4 falls to 3:
x Hase beat O. Hart via a sleeperhold in 0:21:40
x Snow beat D. Malenko via a flying elbowdrop in 0:27:05
x Kawada beat Sasaki via an abdominal stretch in 0:37:14
x Liger beat Kawada via the Top Rope Frankensteiner in 0:38:41
x Liger beat Muta via a tiger driver in 0:40:30
x Hase beat Snow via the Northern Lights Suplex in 0:42:52
x Hase beat Liger via the Northern Lights Suplex in 0:43:25
Survivor: Hiroshi Hase

Elimination Match
John Kronos/Perry Saturn/Rick Steiner/Roddy Piper beat Cactus Jack/Sabu/Rocko Rock/Johnny Grunge 4 falls to 3:
x Saturn beat Grunge via the Tiger Bomb in 0:15:55
x Rocko beat Saturn via the Drive By in 0:18:34
x R. Steiner beat Sabu via the Top Rope Bulldog in 0:24:02
x Cactus Jack beat R. Steiner via the Leaping DDT in 0:29:49
x Cactus Jack beat Piper via a flying sunset flip in 0:31:48
x Kronos beat Cactus Jack via the Moonsault in 0:33:22
x Kronos beat Rocko via the Moonsault in 0:34:50
Survivor: John Kronos

Elimination Match
Yokozuna/The Giant/Big Titan/Hollywood Hogan beat Shawn Michaels/Ahmed Johnson/Razor Ramon/Davey Boy Smith 4 falls to 3:
x Michaels beat Yokozuna via the Superkick in 0:27:18
x Michaels beat Titan via a bridging back suplex in 0:27:34
x Hogan beat Ramon via the Big Leg Drop in 0:31:39
x Giant beat D.B. Smith via the Choke Slam in 0:35:24
x Hogan beat Michaels via the Big Leg Drop in 0:44:20
x Ahmed Johnson beat Hogan via a small package in 0:45:43
x Giant beat Ahmed Johnson via the Choke Slam in 0:46:25
Survivor: The Giant

Elimination Match
Vader/Chris Benoît/The Undertaker/Eddy Guerrero beat Ric Flair/Arn Anderson/Diamond Dallas Page/1-2-3 Kid 4 falls to 3:
x Guerrero beat Kid via the Swinging DDT in 0:06:03
x Anderson beat Vader via pinfall in 0:16:51
x Benoît beat Anderson via the Dragon Suplex in 0:32:25
x Flair beat Benoît via the Figure-Four Leglock in 0:34:10
x Diamond Dallas beat Undertaker via pinfall in 0:46:59
x Guerrero beat Flair via the Swinging DDT in 0:53:21
x Guerrero beat Diamond Dallas via a German suplex in 0:54:31
Survivor: Eddy Guerrero

Steve Austin pinned Bret Hart with the Stone Cold Stunner in 0:30:54.

Match Observations:

Survivor Series was a hard card to describe. The first two matches didn't live
up to expectations with little memorable taking place, but the final three were
so off-the-charts, no praise could do them justice.

The two sole highlights of the first two matches were the mystery partners.
Since Scott Steiner had to leave the WWF after dropping the fall in the Loser-
of-the-Fall-Leaves-WWF Match two weeks ago, someone had to take his place. You
should have heard the crowd pop when none other than Roddy Piper, manager of
the Steiners, decided to don the tights one more time. Owen Hart's team promised
their opponents their mystery partner is a man who defeated three out of the
four opponents before, and did he deliver on his promise. He presented none
other than... Jyushin Lyger, or Jushin Liger as he's spelled in the US.

Then came the first big one in which Hollywood Hogan and The Giant single-
handedly eliminated the whole opposing team, which included federation
superstars Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, Razor Ramon and Davey Boy Smith -
hardly slouches in their own right. While Hogan finally got his royal behind
handed to him courtesy of Ahmed Johnson, nobody was able to beat the Giant, who
seems to be growing of age after a mediocre 2012.

Just when it seems like Steve Austin has his work cut out, he pulls a quick
victory out of his sleeve. Bret Hart gave Austin everything he could handle and
then some, but in the end the current WWF champ got his hand raised. The Stone
Cold Stunner spelled the difference... again.

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