In Your House - The Turning


Hayabusa pinned Dave Finlay after a German suplex in 0:15:54.
Rating: *** 1/2
The Head Hunters defeated Public Enemy when Head Hunter #1 pinned Grunge with the Moonsault in 0:02:18.
Rating: * 1/2
Shawn Michaels and Diesel defeated Cactus Jack and Sabu when Michaels pinned Sabu with the Superkick in 0:15:20.
Rating: ** 1/4
Dean Malenko pinned Bret Hart after a dragon suplex in 0:19:40.
(Dean Malenko retained the WWF Intercontinental Title.)
Rating: ** 3/4
The Four Horsemen (Ric Flair and The Undertaker) defeated The New Four Horsemen (Arn Anderson and Chris Benoit) when Flair defeated Anderson via pinfall in 0:17:21.
Rating: * 1/2
Rick Steiner and Steve Williams defeated Toshiaki Kawada and Yokozuna when S. Williams pinned Kawada after the Doctor Bomb in 0:18:48.
(Rick Steiner and Steve Williams won the WWF World Tag Team Titles.)
Rating: ** 1/4
Vader pinned Hollywood Hogan with the Power Bomb in 0:11:58.
(Vader retained the WWF World Title.)
Rating: -1/2*

Match Observations:

WWF officials have finally been able to secure the service of one of
Japan's most exciting wrestlers, Hayabusa. His debut tonight came as
something of a surprise considering the parties had unsuccessfully
negotiated for close to eighteen months.

As things turned out, Vince McMahon and Atsushi Onita closed the deal
to bring Hayabusa to the WWF and it could not have been at a more
appropriate time. Hayabusa was supposed to do an interview segment
only but Owen Hart, who was supposed to face Dave Finlay in a match
for the top contendership to the WWF Intercontinental title.

The match can be summed up with one word: awesome. Hayabusa and Finlay
proved without a shadow of a doubt that both deserve not only shots at
the IC title but that they are destined to achieve bigger things in the
World Wrestling Federation.

The Head Hunters absolutely squashed The Public Enemy, and if our
information is correct, this match spelled the end for Rocko Rock
and Johnny Grunge for the time being. WWF bookers are less than happy
with their performances as of late.

Shawn Michaels and Diesel won an extremely - pardon the pun - close
match against Paul E.'s boys, Sabu and Cactus Jack. There was more than
one time where Michaels and Diesel were at the brink of oblivion.

The match led to an intersting twist: Paul E. issued a challenge to
Shawn Michaels and Diesel that he was going to bring in a team which
would wipe the floor with them. Michaels and Diesel called his bluff
and told Paul that after they beat Kawada and Yokozuna for the tag
titles at SummerSlam, they will give Paul's boys a title shot on the
spot and send them right back to where they came from.

Bret Hart was determined to take the Intercontinental title away from
Dean Malenko, and he definitely drove that point home. However - and
this is a major surprise - Bret with his decades of experience made a
mistake worthy of the greenest rookie: he underestimated Dean Malenko's
poise. Malenko sold one of Bret's uppercuts bigtime, and Bret then tried
to finish off Malenko with his patented flying bulldog. Malenko, on the
other hand, was simply playing possum, waiting for Bret to jump. He did,
Dean moved out of the way and caught a bewildered Bret Hart with a dragon
suplex for the win and the title defense.

Dean Malenko will now defend the Intercontinental title against Hayabusa
at SummerSlam.

Just when you thought Steve Austin was taking a break to heal his various
nagging injuries, here he is wreaking havoc. Austin made one thing clear:
he hates the Horsemen --- all of them. Austin gave Ric Flair an ultra-
stiff chairshot, jumped Chris Benoit from behind, stunned the Undertaker
and Arn Anderson and even flipped Woman off. What is Austin trying to
accomplish ? It's well-known that he hates Flair, Anderson and the 'Taker
but why Benoit ? Is it just guilt by association ?

The game plan Michaels and Diesel had was definitely thrown for a loop by
the unexpected tag title change from Yokozuna and Toshiaki Kawada back to
Rick Steiner and Steve Williams. It was a surprising win but a deserved
one as Williams and Steiner had the superior team work. After Yokozuna and
Kawada double-teamed Rick Steiner and as Yoko was moving his massive girth
out of the ring, Rick Steiner ducked out of the way of a Kawada enzuigiri
and hot-tagged Steve Williams who immediately finished off Kawada with his
patented Doctor Bomb. Yokozuna didn't even notice until the bell sounded !

In any case, Shawn and Diesel may have to eat their words now. As confident
as they are, I don't see them taking the wind out of the rejuvenated new
champions' sails. Steve Williams and Rick Steiner are back as a team and in
a major way. Michaels and Diesel will have a lot to overcome if they even
want to find out who Paul E.'s new force is. We'll keep you posted.

Vader beat Hogan. There is nothing else to be said about that match.

SummerSlam is coming up next week... Benoit challenges Vader... Hayabusa
against Dean Malenko and Michaels/Diesel against the new champions Rick
Steiner and Steve Williams... what a show it'll be !

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