In Your Dome - Yokohama, Japan


Masato Tanaka pinned Brian Christopher after a short lariat in 0:16:05.
Rating: ** 3/4
Cactus Jack and Sabu defeated The Dudley Boys when Cactus Jack defeated Buh Buh Ray by disqualification in 0:08:14.
(Cactus Jack and Sabu retained the WWF World Tag Team Titles.)
Rating: * 1/2
Kendo Ka Shin made Dean Malenko submit to a triangle choke in 0:17:14.
Rating: ** 3/4
Ladder Match
Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart in 0:16:53.
Rating: ****

Elimination Match
Shinya Hashimoto, Hayabusa, Jushin Liger, Toshiaki Kawada and Shinjiro Otani beat Rob Van Dam, Dave Finlay, Steve Williams, Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock 5 falls to 2:
x Liger beat Severn via a power bomb in 0:00:28
x Liger beat Shamrock via the Running Lyger Bomb in 0:03:22
x Finlay beat Liger via the Tombstone in 0:04:34
x S. Williams beat Kawada via the Oklahoma Stampede in 0:06:42
x Hayabusa beat Van Dam via a shooting star press in 0:08:59
x Hayabusa beat Finlay via the Falcon Arrow in 0:10:26
x Hayabusa beat S. Williams via a German suplex in 0:11:33
Survivors: Shinya Hashimoto, Hayabusa, Shinjiro Otani Rating: ** 3/4

Steve Austin pinned The Undertaker with the Stone Cold Stunner in 0:11:14.
Rating: ** 3/4
Al Snow pinned Val Venis after an Asai moonsault in 0:22:13.
(Al Snow retained the WWF Intercontinental Title.)
Rating: ** 1/4
Chris Benoit made Masahiro Chono submit to the Crippler Crossface in 0:21:33.
(Chris Benoit retained the WWF World Title.)
Rating: **** 1/4
Right after Chono submitted, Al Snow hit the ring.
Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
Antonio Inoki and Tatsumi Fujinami beat Ric Flair and Hollywood Hogan 2 falls to 0:
x Inoki beat Flair via the Octopus Hold in 0:22:37
x Inoki beat Hogan via the Octopus Hold in 0:40:10

Rating: * 1/2

Match Observations:

Masato Tanaka made a lasting impression in his federation debut. WWF officials
are strongly considering inviting him on an extended tour of the US.

A sure WWF mainstay for the time being is Kendo Ka Shin who returned from his
sprained ankle in style by outwrestling Dean Malenko. Actually, Ken Shamrock
could even learn a bit from Ka Shin as Kendo demonstrated how to properly apply
a triangle choke without pinning yourself in the process.

Toshiaki Kawada and Masahiro Chono seemingly didn't want to risk kissing their
title shot goodbye and took matters into their own hands by getting the Dudleys
disqualified in their match against the reigning tag team champions Cactus Jack
and Sabu. The grand tour finale in Yokohama will see Kawada and Chono try to
regain the WWF World Tag Team Titles. Should they lose, they will not be brought
back to the United States since their work visa expired during this tour of

Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart in a classic ladder match to become the new
number one contender to Al Snow's IC title while Antonio Inoki will be in the
main event of the Yokohama show challenging Chris Benoit for the WWF title.

Provided both men leave Yokohama with their title reigns intact, Chris Benoit
and Al Snow will meet in the main event of "In Your House - Head Will Roll" in
a title vs title match - winner take all. The Intercontinental Title will be
vacated after the match and filled at the King Of The Ring.

Due to his stunning - no pun intended - victory over the Undertaker, Steve
Austin will get a title shot at the Taker in the semi-main.

See you there !

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