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NEW TNM Tournament Edition For Windows$29.95
TNM 7 Second Edition, Build 12$29.95 $19.95
NEW TNM Theme Music Wizard 2021
Quickly Assign And Manage Wrestler Themes
NEW TNM Battle Royal Stat Master
See Battle Royal And Royal Rumble Statistics
NEW TNM 7 Wrestler Comparison Wizard
Visually compare wrestlers in export files and your database
NEW TNM 7 SE Enhancement Talent Generator
Quickly create a bunch of random wrestlers
NEW TNM 7 SE Export File Wizard
Keep your databases clean by taking full control over importing
NEW: Import TNM Tournament Edition wrestler export files!
TNM 7 SE Circuit History
Find your next feuds by analyzing wrestler records
TNM 7 SE Crowd Chant Editor
Unlimited different crowd chants per wrestler - face, heel, and neutral
TNM 7 SE Entrance Music Wizard
Scans your databases for damaged and imcompatible music files;
Convert and fixes them so they can be used in TNM 7 SE
TNM 7 SE Ratings Editor
Modify any entry in your circuit's wrestler rankings
TNM 7 SE Special Move Wizard
Customize the name of any move for any wrestler
TNM 7 SE Weight Class Wizard
Create weight classes, brands, style-specific titles and more
TNM 7 SE Wrestler Personality Wizard
Give wrestlers unlimited crowd interactions - face, heel, and neutral
TNM 7 Second Edition Database Cleaner
Rid your TNM of unused moves, dives, and managers in one step
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