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TNM Tournament Edition Build 2

TNM Tournament Edition is the first TNM simulator created specifically for Windows. Single Elimination, Double Elimination, Round Robin, Swiss-Rules Tournaments - simulate several different types of tournaments with up 128 participants, teams or trios each. Want to have losers advance? No problem. Every match takes place in a cage? Go right ahead.

TNM 7 Second Edition - Build 13, Trial Version

Download the four-week trial version of TNM 7 Second Edition, Build 13 (released May 15, 2021). This version of TNM runs on any version of Windows, either natively (if compatible) or in DOSBOX.

This is the right version of TNM is your focus is on running circuits.


Commercial plugins come with a 14-day trial period.

TNM 7 SE Special Move Wizard 1.5
Customize Your Match Play-By-Play

The TNM 7 SE Special Move Wizard plugin lets you change the name of any move for any wrestler to a custom value. I.e., you could set up a rule for all suplexes to be called Tazplexes for Taz. From version 1.5 or higher, you can also rename moves globally.

TNM Live! 1.0
TNM Circuits Enter The Discord Age

With TNM Live!, you can post cards from your circuits to one or more channels on Discord servers of your choice. Use TNM Live! to set up which part of your cards you want to be posted, select the formatting to be applied automatically to different parts of your cards and matches and even manage multiple sets of posting instructions for each circuit - all in one easy-to-use plugin.

TNM Theme Music Wizard 2021 1.0
Assign Hundreds Of Entrance Themes In Seconds

The new TNM Theme Music Wizard 2021 is a complete reimagining of what a tool to quickly and efficiently manage the entrance themes in TNM. Assigning a theme is now as quick as clicking a wrestler's or tag team's name and dropping a number of themes onto the program window. The TMW2021 plugin also comes equipped with a Wizard which allows you to quickly analyze and assign multiple themes (even a whole folder of them) to the wrestlers and teams in your TNM, going as far as trying to identify which record to choose from the themes' filenames.

TNM 7 Wrestler Comparison Wizard 1.3
Not All Export Files Are Equal - Know What You're Importing

The Wrestler Comparison Wizard lets you quickly compare wrestlers from up to three sources which can be export files or your internal TNM wrestler database.

Find out in seconds how your wrestler differs from the export files you have downloaded and make an informed decision whether you want to update without going through the hassle of having to rename your existing wrestler, import the new one and then going back and forth, comparing everything about them.

TNM Battle Royal Stat Master 1.0
Your One-Stop Solution For Analyzing Battle Royals

The TNM Battle Royal Stat Master goes through all singles Battle Royals and Royal Rumbles in your circuit and compile statistics for them - eliminations, ring time, either for individual matches or overall. Plus there's a Wrestler Scorecard section where you can see how each wrestler did over the course of your circuit.

TNM 7 SE Enhancement Talent Generator 2.0
Quickly Generate Jobbers - Or Full-Blown Wrestlers

The Enhancement Talent Generator plugin lets you quickly create a whole batch of wrestlers for use as enhancement talent or - as of version 2.0 - fully-fleshed-out wrestlers as regular wrestlers.

TNM 7 SE Export File Wizard 1.5
The Most Useful Plugin You Will Ever Buy

Importing wrestler export files through the Export File Wizard plugin ensures your databases remain compact and tidy. It only imports the bare minimum it needs to in order to be able to use the wrestlers you select to import from export files. And yes: it now includes a batch mode so you import a number of files quickly. This version is able to import wrestler export files made in TNM Tournament Edition.

TNM 7 SE Entrance Music Wizard 1.2
Fixes Your Entrance Themes' Audio Levels With One Click

The TNM 7 SE Entrance Music Wizard is your one-stop solution to ensuring a consistent entrance music experience. It ensures all your wrestler entrance themes are equally loud. It converts most relevant audio formats into ones you can use in your ring intros. And it fixes many errors in audio files which previously prevented them from working in TNM.

TNM 7 SE Wrestler Personality Wizard 1.3
Taking Wrestler Crowd Work To The Next Level

The TNM 7 SE Wrestler Personality Wizard lets you create and manage unlimited different ways a wrestler interacts with the crowd, depending on whether or not he is heel or face. What you set here overrides his "working the crowd" spot and is circuit-specific. Requires TNM 7 Second Edition Build 5c or higher!

TNM 7 SE Ratings Editor 1.0
For Those Times When You Need To Change Your Rankings

The TNM 7 SE Ratings Editor plugin lets you edit any ratings entry. You can change the name of the person(s) holding it, the number of wins, losses, draws and length of the entry's streak. Insert, edit and delete ratings entries as you please, for any ratings (singles, tag, six man) in any of your circuits.

TNM 7 SE Circuit History 2.0
Compile Detailed Histories For Your Circuits' Wrestlers

The TNM 7 SE Circuit History plugin puts the complete history of your circuits at your fingertips. Title histories, every match that every wrestler had against every other wrestler - find out exactly what you need.

TNM 7 SE Crowd Chant Editor 1.3
When You Want Your Crowds To Get Creative

The TNM 7 SE Crowd Chant Editor lets you create and manage wrestler-specific crowd chants that appear during a wrestler's matches. From "ECW, ECW" to "He's Hardcoooore", your imagination is the limit.

TNM 7 SE Weight Class Wizard 2.0
Separate Rankings For Separate Weight Classes & More

The TNM 7 SE Weight Class Wizard plugin lets you add weight classes, brands and genders to your titles and ratings. Version 1.8 now integrates the functionality of the new TNM 7 SE Circuit History plugin if both are installed (and Circuit History is registered).

TNM 7 SE Database Cleaner 1.0
The Easiest Way To De-Clutter Your Databases

Plugin which scans your databases for unneeded moves, managers, dives etc and allows you to delete them in one quick sweep.


TNM Circuit Editor SE (10/17/04) 1.0

The TNM Circuit Editor SE comes to you as a free, Windows-based tool to edit your card results, finishes and comments.

TNM 7 SE Theme Music Wizard Reloaded 1.2b

The TNM 7 SE Theme Music Wizard extends TNM 7 SE's functionality to allow for multiple themes for every wrestler, entrance and exit, - and even themes of their own for every wrestling persona.

This new "Reloaded" release is compatible with all TNM versions running in the DOSBOX emulator.

TNM 7 SE Interview Integrator 1.1

The TNM 7 SE Interview Integrator lets you add interviews to your cards. You can have them anywhere you wish. Even better, you have full control over what is said and done in the interview. Want wrestler X to jump wrestler Y ? Well, no problem - you can do it.

The TNM 7 SE Interview Integrator does not write interviews for you !

TNM 7 SE Visualizer Image Wizard 1.5

The TNM 7 SE Visualizer Image Wizard is the perfect companion for the TNM 7 SE Visualizer! Assign images to your wrestlers, tag teams, stables, titles and managers in a heartbeat. Visually. Point-and-click. Once you've used it, you'll never want to do without it!

TNM TweakCirc SE 3a (07/27/20)

Now FREE: Circuit plugin exclusively for TNM 7 Second Edition which gives you full control over your circuits

TNM 7 Diagnostics Utility 1.6

Utility which checks your database for errors and attempts to correct them. New version 1.6 also checks circuits and cures slowdowns now.

TFP 1.3

Lets you calculate the financial success of your circuit.

Contracts For TNM 7 1.0

Wrestling league contract program by Thomas D-Angelo; based on Robert Bihari's contract system.

Wedding 1.0

Fun plugin which stages a wedding between two wrestlers. Try having someone interfere in the "match". You'll have a blast.

Card Stats 1.0

Plugin which lets you add card statistics such as average match rating and total match time to the end of a card.

TNM 7 Scaffold Match 1.0

TNM 7 Scaffold Match Plugin. Gives you the option of doing Scaffold Matches on your cards.

TNM 7 Match Ratings Search 1.0

TNM 7 Match Ratings Search. This plugin lets you find all matches in a certain ratings range

TNM XRefTool 1.0

Utility which lets you generate cross-references for most of TNM 7's data files.

TNM 7 Commentary Editor Beta 4

This plugin revolutionizes the world of TNM by letting the user customize the move commentary TNM 7 produces. This beta version comes as a Windows application in the form of a TNM 7 plugin. Extract all files from this ZIP file into your TNM 7's NEWPLUGS folder.

Plugin Developer Documentation 2.0

Contains the Plugin Programmer's Reference 2.0 and the TNM 7 Database Browser 1.0. Unzip in NEWPLUGS to install.

World War 3 Match Plugin 1.0

Allows you to run a World War 3 3-ring battle
royal like WCW used to run.

Ladder Plus

Enhanced ladder matches for TNM featuring more spots.

Brawl-For-All (BFA) Match Plugin

Allows you to schedule a BFA match when booking a card in TNM.

FCA Cubed 1.6

TNM 7 FCA Cubed Plugin - lets you create new match types. Unzip it in the NEWPLUGS folder and look at the README.TXT file !