TNM 7 Second Edition Build 12

Damage Scaling, Damage Normalization, TweakCirc SE Integration, Hybrid Build

TNM 7 Second Edition Build 12

Circuit Menu now includes TweakCirc SE plugin

New FeatureDescriptionHow To Use
Damage NormalizationDamage normalization alleviates a problem I call ''moveset creep''. Today's wrestlers on average have more hard-hitting moves in their movesets than wrestlers from prior generations. Where Tito Santana may have used a hiptoss to turn a match back in his favor, Kenny Omega may do the same with a DDT. As a consequence, wrestling legends have always been at a marked disadvantage against modern wrestlers in TNM and usually lost to them. This ends with damage normalization where the damage a wrestler does is scaled according to the average damage of his moves and his opponent's moves. This truly is a game changer.From your circuit's main menu, press ''o'' to run TweakCirc SE, then select ''Advanced Options 2'' and check ''Damage Normalization''.
Damage ScalingDamage scaling addresses a wish that has been expressed many times by a subset of TNM 7 SE users who want play-by-play generation to make matches between wrestlers who are on different levels less competitive. Activating this option will cause overmatched wrestlers to take more damage than they usually would in a competitive match. As this happens ''live'', it also introduces the concept of teams having a weak link to TNM. If Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, and Lance Archer wrestled the Jurassic Express, the Express would be well advised to keep Marko Stunt out of the ring as much as possible because he would be eaten alive by the competition.From your circuit's main menu, press ''o'' to run TweakCirc SE, then select ''Advanced Options 2'' and check ''Damage Scaling''.
TweakCirc SE Plugin Now IntegratedAs of Build 12, an expanded version of the TweakCirc SE plugin has become baseline functionality in every copy of TNM 7 SE. I strongly encourage anybody who uses TNM 7 SE to familiarize themselves with the plugin's functionality. Using it will change your circuit experience forever.From your circuit's main menu, press ''o'' to run TweakCirc SE.
New Circuit OptionsFrom TweakCirc SE, you can now:
- Turn quitting/giving notice on and off per circuit.
- Prevent hardcore wrestlers from bringing objects into the ring.
- Make finishers flagged as being done out of the ropes ONLY be used out of the ropes.
- Reverse the order in which are published via the HTML Gateway.
From your circuit's main menu, press ''o'' to run TweakCirc SE, then select ''Advanced Options 2'' and check ''Damage Scaling''.
Build 12 Is A Hybrid BuildFrom this point forward, TNM 7 SE will detect whether it is being run a version of Windows which is able to run TNM natively. In this case it will no longer be started through DOSBOX but in native mode, allowing for vastly better performance. No user input or configuration required - TNM will always go for the best possible solution.Run in Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, or 7 (32-bit) or in virtual machines hosting any of these operating systems.
Manager Be GoneIn rare cases where a manager would have to be in multiple teams' corners, he will be removed. Furthermore if an assigned manager is used as a wrestler in a match, he is now also removed from being a manager for the match.
Various Changes And BugfixesIn ring introductions, mixed gender intros now use the correct pronouns consistently.

When wrestlers miss dives, they are now far less likely to be knocked out. This change reflects today's match realities better.

TweakCirc SE's new main menu

New section ''Advanced Options 2''

Build 12 running natively in a Windows XP virtual machine