Survivor Series 2002


Rock'n'Roll Express beat The Smoking Gunns when Morton pinned Billy Gunn after the Double Dropkick in 0:26:18.

Bruiser Bedlam pinned Big Titan with the Flying Headbutt in 0:15:10.

The Hart Foundation beat Hakushi and Sasaki San when B. Hart pinned Hakushi after an elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle in 0:23:01.

Sting made Soldier Wright submit to the Scorpion Death Lock in 0:18:51.

Shawn Michaels and Diesel and The Sky Scrapers battled to a double disqualification in 0:31:59.

Yokozuna pinned The Undertaker after hitting him with a foreign object in 0:32:0

The Road Warriors beat 1-2-3 Kid and Great Sasuke when Hawk pinned 1-2-3 Kid after the Doomsday Device in 0:20:29.

IC Title Tournament Finals
Chris Benoît pinned Razor Ramon with the Dragon Suplex in 0:24:16.

Dan Severn made Stan Hansen submit to the Cross Armbar Submission in 0:16:32.

Match Observations:

The WWF scene is hot and running.

Canadian star Chris Benoît started his second title reign via a close victory
over Razor Ramon. Their match was one of the best in WWF history, certainly also
due to being fair and square all the way.

Dan Severn has proven to be a worthy champion, as he countered Stan Hansen's
devastating Lariat with a Cross Armbar Submission for the victory.

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