New Year's Eve in Boston Garden 2009


Eddy Guerrero pinned Roadie after a frog splash in 0:06:23.

Demolition beat Brian Pillman and Too Cold Scorpio when Ax pinned Pillman after the Demolition Decapitation in 0:21:47.

Owen Hart pinned Rick Steamboat after a small package in 0:23:58.

Public Enemy beat Dean Malenko and Skip when Rocko pinned D. Malenko after
a moonsault in 0:04:22.

The Undertaker pinned Riki Chosyu with the Tombstone in 0:19:52.

The Steiner Brothers beat Heisei Ishingun when R. Steiner pinned Kobayashi after the Top Rope Bulldog in 0:12:26.

Sabu and 1-2-3 Kid battled to a draw in 0:20:00.

Shawn Michaels pinned Diamond Dallas Page with the Superkick in 0:19:49.

Great Muta pinned Diesel with the Moonsault in 0:12:51. Diesel suffered a
(torn ligament in his right knee. He will be out for approximately 3 months.)

The Giant defeated Bret Hart by disqualification in 0:23:47.

Match Observations:

Has Bret Hart snapped or what ? He was disqualified in both his matches against
the Giant. This time around it was for striking the referee. One thing is
definite: he won't be getting more title shots anytime soon.

The return of the original Demolition was less than spectacular. Ax and Smash
had major problems getting by Brian Pillman and Too Cold Scorpio, so we probably
shouldn't expect too much from them in the future...

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