Royal Rumble 2010


Public Enemy beat The Steiner Brothers when Rocko pinned S. Steiner with the Drive By in 0:19:45.

Dean Malenko and Eddy Guerrero battled to a draw in 0:20:00.

Sabu pinned 1-2-3 Kid with the Moonsault in 0:15:38.

Great Muta pinned The Giant with the Moonsault in 0:25:11.

30-Man Royal Rumble
Shawn Michaels won a 30-man Royal Rumble:
x Diamond Dallas and Roadie started out.
x Diamond Dallas threw out Roadie in 0:00:17
x Rick Steamboat entered at 0:02:00
x Demolition Ax entered at 0:04:00
x Hakushi entered at 0:06:00
x Diamond Dallas threw out Steamboat in 0:06:47
x Hakushi threw out Diamond Dallas in 0:07:58
x Stevie Ray entered at 0:08:00
x Ax threw out Hakushi after a stomp in 0:09:29
x The Undertaker entered at 0:10:00
x Undertaker threw out Ax after a piledriver in 0:11:34
x Skip entered at 0:12:00
x Rad Radford entered at 0:14:00
x Undertaker threw out Radford after a fist to the midsection in 0:14:46
x Animal entered at 0:16:00
x Animal threw out S. Ray after a vertical suplex in 0:17:23
x Rocko Rock entered at 0:18:00
x Undertaker threw out Animal after a kick to the midsection i x Skip threw out Rocko after a Hotshot in 0:19:34
x Kengo Kimura entered at 0:20:00
x Sabu entered at 0:22:00
x Sabu threw out Undertaker in 0:22:36
x Sabu threw out Kimura in 0:22:44
x Eddy Guerrero entered at 0:24:00
x Guerrero threw out Skip after a flying bodypress in 0:24:55
x Razor Ramon entered at 0:26:00
x Riki Chosyu entered at 0:28:00
x Razor threw out Sabu after a duck-down move in 0:28:45
x Chosyu threw out Razor after a DDT in 0:29:20
x Marty Jannetty entered at 0:30:00
x 1-2-3 Kid entered at 0:32:00
x Demolition Smash entered at 0:34:00
x Shawn Michaels entered at 0:36:00
x 1-2-3 Kid threw out Jannetty after a bulldog headlock in 0:37:05
x Bret Hart entered at 0:38:00
x Brian Pillman entered at 0:40:00
x Kuniaki Kobayashi entered at 0:42:00
x Guerrero threw out Pillman after a facerake in 0:42:53
x Too Cold Scorpio entered at 0:44:00
x 911 entered at 0:46:00
x 1-2-3 Kid threw out Chosyu in 0:47:12
x Owen Hart entered at 0:48:00
x 1-2-3 Kid threw out Kobayashi after a bodyslam in 0:48:20
x Hawk entered at 0:50:00
x Booker T entered at 0:52:00
x Johnny Grunge entered at 0:54:00
x Dean Malenko entered at 0:56:00
x D. Malenko threw out Guerrero after an elbowsmash in 0:56:48
x Hawk threw out 1-2-3 Kid after a duck-down move in 0:57:35
x Scorpio threw out O. Hart in 1:01:46
x Scorpio threw out Grunge in 1:02:08
x Booker T threw out Hawk after an atomic drop in 1:03:51
x Smash threw out B. Hart after a vertical suplex in 1:07:23
x Booker T threw out Scorpio in 1:09:27
x Smash threw out 911 in 1:10:22
x D. Malenko threw out Booker T after a reverse neckbreaker in 1:25:15
x D. Malenko threw out Smash in 1:29:03
x Michaels threw out D. Malenko after a power bomb in 1:29:20

Match Observations:

The Royal Rumble set the stage for various matches to be held at WrestleMania:
Shawn Michaels will face the new WWF World Champion, The Great Muta, in the main
event, while Razor Ramon will get a rematch against Sabu for the IC title. The
Public Enemy will meet the winners of next month's match between Demolition and
the Road Warriors.

Now that this has been said, what is going on with the Great Muta ? He seemingly
adopted a new attitude: do whatever it takes to win. He beat Shawn Michaels. He
beat Diesel. And he beat the Giant, whom nobody else has been able to beat
before in title matches. What probably made the difference was Muta's green mist
that caught the Giant by surprise and led to the Pearl of the Orient's Moonsault

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