March to WrestleMania 2010


Chris Benoît pinned Brian Pillman with the Dragon Suplex in 0:20:47.

The Road Warriors beat Harlem Heat when Hawk pinned S. Ray after the Doomsday Device in 0:24:08.

Skip pinned Bret Hart after outside interference in 0:27:56.

Match Observations:

Chris Benoit seems to be back and back for good - even if it looks like he has
adopted a more aggressive style in the ring.

The Road Warriors definitely gave the Harlem Heat a good sendoff from the WWF.

In the wake of the Sandman's interference in the Skip - Bret Hart match, WWF
officials have announced that the match between the Sandman and Bret Hart at
WrestleMania become a cage match.

Meanwhile, Skip is coming off of a big win. Whether or not that streak will end
at WrestleMania when he and Rad Radford face the Road Warriors is another story.

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