WrestleMania 2010


Horsemen Flair & Anderson beat Heisei Ishingun when Anderson pinned Kimura after a DDT in 0:21:51.

Chris Benoît pinned Marty Jannetty after a power bomb in 0:10:46.

Eddy Guerrero pinned Riki Chosyu with the Swinging DDT in 0:17:42.

Dean Malenko made Al Snow submit to the Texas Cloverleaf in 0:18:44.

The Road Warriors beat The Body Donnas when Animal pinned Radford after
a power bomb in 0:10:32.

Jake Roberts pinned Rick Steamboat with the DDT in 0:17:12.

Public Enemy beat Demolition when Rocko pinned Ax with the Drive By in 0:20:59.

The Giant defeated Diesel by disqualification in 0:22:20.

Sabu pinned Razor Ramon after a top-rope Frankensteiner in 0:11:22.

The Undertaker pinned Dirty White Boy with the Tombstone in 0:16:40.

Cage Match
The Sandman pinned Bret Hart after a spinebuster slam in 0:17:07.

Shawn Michaels pinned Great Muta after outside interference in 0:21:41.

Match Observations:

What strange things are going on in the WWF ?

Diesel said he wanted no part of the Great Muta's help in his match against the
Giant. So what did he do ? He interfered in Muta's title defense against Shawn
Michaels and basically cost Muta the title - just because Muta tried to save
him from a defeat.

That situation is getting stranger by the day.

Bret Hart has to be getting really frustrated. Here comes the Sandman, a new-
comer to the WWF, and not only causes Hart to lose to a mid-card wrestler, Skip,
but also defeats him in a cage match - albeit only with the help of his manager,
Woman. I guess we'll be seeing more of these two in the months to come.

The Dirty White Boy is another newcomer to the WWF. He debuted as the Under-
taker's mystery opponent tonight, although he didn't manage to defeat the Man
in Black. Nevertheless he put on a great performance against the man virtually
no one has been able to beat.

Another old-time feud that seems to be getting hot once again is that between
Jake Roberts and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Tonight was the first time in
more than twenty years that they wrestled one another, and the fire was back in
their eyes immediately.

Al Snow seems to have returned to the ring a little bit too early, as he fell
prey to Dean Malenko's Texas Cloverleaf in relatively easy fashion. It's great
to have you back, but just maybe you should have stayed at home a *little*

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