Royal Rumble 2011


The Road Warriors beat Public Enemy when Hawk pinned Rocko after the Doomsday Device in 0:02:05.

Loser-Leaves-Town Match
Diesel pinned The Giant after an elbowdrop in 0:05:54.

Eddy Guerrero pinned Sabu with the Swinging DDT in 0:28:11.

Miami Street Fight Falls-Count-Anywhere Match
The Undertaker pinned Razor Ramon with the Tombstone in 0:14:54.

Singapore Cane Survival Falls-Count-Anywhere Match
Bret Hart pinned The Sandman after hitting him with brass knuckles in 0:18:33.

Title can change hands via DQ or countout
Ric Flair pinned Shawn Michaels with the Figure-Four Leglock in 0:40:35.

30-Man Royal Rumble
Vader won a 30-man Royal Rumble:
x Snow and Hawk started out.
x Snow threw out Hawk in 0:00:12
x Dean Malenko entered at 0:02:00
x D. Malenko threw out Snow in 0:03:02
x Vader entered at 0:04:00
x Adam Bomb entered at 0:06:00
x Great Muta entered at 0:08:00
x Adam Bomb threw out Muta after an elbowsmash in 0:08:46
x Sabu entered at 0:10:00
x Scott Steiner entered at 0:12:00
x Rad Radford entered at 0:14:00
x Radford threw out Adam Bomb after the Northern Lights Suplex in 0:15:44
x Animal entered at 0:16:00
x Diesel entered at 0:18:00
x Eddy Guerrero entered at 0:20:00
x Skip entered at 0:22:00
x Radford threw out Animal after a fist to the midsection in 0:23:12
x Radford threw out Skip after a headbutt in 0:23:40
x Razor Ramon entered at 0:24:00
x Diesel threw out D. Malenko in 0:24:33
x Vader threw out Sabu in 0:25:06
x Arn Anderson entered at 0:26:00
x Radford threw out Anderson after a fist to the midsection in 0:27:56
x Head Hunter #2 entered at 0:28:00
x Davey Boy Smith entered at 0:30:00
x Diesel threw out Radford after a fist to the midsection in 0:30:38
x Razor threw out D.B. Smith in 0:31:44
x Johnny Grunge entered at 0:32:00
x S. Steiner threw out Guerrero in 0:33:34
x Owen Hart entered at 0:34:00
x Rick Steiner entered at 0:36:00
x Koji Kanemoto entered at 0:38:00
x Rocko Rock entered at 0:40:00
x Head Hunter #2 threw out R. Steiner after a dropkick in 0:40:05
x Bret Hart entered at 0:42:00
x Richard Slinger entered at 0:44:00
x The Sandman entered at 0:46:00
x O. Hart threw out Grunge in 0:46:49
x Razor threw out O. Hart in 0:47:55
x Head Hunter #1 entered at 0:48:00
x Wayne Shamrock entered at 0:50:00
x Razor threw out Slinger after a bodyslam in 0:51:56
x Jake Roberts entered at 0:52:00
x Shamrock threw out Razor in 0:52:01
x Shamrock threw out Sandman after a fist to the midsection in 0:53:00
x Head Hunter #1 threw out Head Hunter #2 in 0:53:36
x Brian Pillman entered at 0:54:00
x Shamrock threw out S. Steiner after a roundhouse right in 0:54:49
x The Undertaker entered at 0:56:00
x Shamrock threw out Kanemoto after an armbar submission in 0:56:02
x Shamrock threw out Rocko after a fist to the midsection in 1:00:52
x Vader threw out Undertaker after a lariat in 1:04:47
x Vader threw out Pillman after a swinging punch in 1:10:54
x Vader threw out Shamrock in 1:10:59
x Roberts threw out B. Hart in 1:15:42
x Head Hunter #1 threw out Diesel in 1:20:36
x Vader threw out Head Hunter #1 after a lariat in 1:25:18
x Vader threw out Roberts after the Power Bomb in 1:30:19

Match Observations:

We have a new Intercontinental Champion, and his name is Eddy Guerrero. He
regained the IC title from Sabu in a very close match.

Speaking of titles, Shawn Michaels cost himself the WWF Title in his match
against Ric Flair. Michaels decided to pose for the crowd instead of going for
the win against the Nature Boy, and Flair outsmarted and pinned him. If
Michaels is *this* dumb, he doesn't even deserve the title.

The final chapter in the Bret Hart - Sandman feud has finally been closed.
Never again will the Giant be allowed to interfere against Bret Hart. Should
Sandman break this stipulation, he'll be banned from the WWF forever.

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