Return from the Rumble 2011


The Head Hunters beat The Body Donnas when Head Hunter #1 pinned Radford after
a moonsault in 0:13:51.

Wayne Shamrock made Koji Kanemoto submit to the Short Arm Scissors in 0:23:34.

Great Muta pinned Arn Anderson after a small package in 0:26:52.

The Steiner Brothers beat Public Enemy when R. Steiner pinned Rocko after the Top Rope Bulldog in 0:27:05.

Jake Roberts pinned Razor Ramon with the DDT in 0:13:46.

Dean Malenko pinned Bret Hart after a Victory Roll in 0:13:08.

Al Snow and Brian Pillman beat The Road Warriors when Snow defeated Animal by
disqualification in 0:41:54.

Falls-Count-Anywhere Match
Eddy Guerrero pinned Sabu with the Swinging DDT in 0:13:40.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
Vader beat Diesel 2 falls to 0 :
x Vader beat Diesel via the Power Bomb in 0:06:13
x Vader beat Diesel via the Power Bomb in 0:07:54

Shawn Michaels pinned The Sandman with the Superkick in 0:17:49.

The Undertaker defeated Ric Flair by countout in 0:22:36.
(The Undertaker suffered a back injury. He will be out for approximately 1 card.)

Match Observations:

Things are heating up for In Your House. Razor Ramon is on a tremendous losing
streak going into his match again Vader, who in turn has been winning every-
thing left and right.

Vader will definitely face whomever the WWF champion is come WrestleMania.


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