In Your House 2011


The Head Hunters beat Public Enemy when Head Hunter #2 pinned Rocko after
an Asai moonsault in 0:17:57.

The Road Warriors beat The Steiner Brothers when Animal pinned S. Steiner with the Powerslam in 0:29:47.

Vader pinned Razor Ramon with the Power Bomb in 0:17:15.

Special Six-Man-Tag Match
Brian Pillman, Arn Anderson and Al Snow beat Shawn Michaels, Great Muta and Wayne Shamrock when Pillman defeated Michaels by
countout in 0:24:16.

The Head Hunters beat The Road Warriors when Head Hunter #2 pinned Hawk after
a moonsault in 0:06:32.

Eddy Guerrero defeated Ric Flair via pinfall in 0:41:00.

Match Observations:

There is only one thing I can say: WHAT A NIGHT !

The Road Warriors beat the Steiners in a very hard-fought match, but went on
to lose cleanly and decisively to the Head Hunters in under ten minutes. We
should seriously question whether or not there is *anyone* who could beat the
Head Hunters.

After beating Shawn Michaels at the Royal Rumble, Ric Flair decided to add
insult to injury today by causing Michaels to get counted out in the six man
tag. Boy, did Flair pay for this. Michaels evened the score in the main event,
turning back J.J. Dillon's interference against Eddy Guerrero. Guerrero had the
match won, but knocked out the referee while giving Ric Flair a German suplex.
Lo and behold, Dillon took it upon himself to introduce Guerrero's head to his
shoe. When it looked like Flair was going to get away with another cheap victory
Michaels did something about it. He hit Flair with a flying elbowdrop and put
Guerrero back on top of the Nature Boy.

The referee counted three, and a new WWF World Champion was crowned. The house
erupted, as no one would have given Guerrero even the slightest chance of
pulling off the win.

Skeptics may say that Guerrero would have been beaten, hadn't Michaels inter-
fered on his behalf. While this is true, the same can be said for Dillon's
interference. In any way, Guerrero will have to prove his worthyness in the
weeks and months to come.

In any case, he won't have much time to celebrate, as Vader is lurking around
the corner. The two will face in Guerrero's very first defense of the WWF title
at WrestleMania.

A new Intercontinental champion will also be crowned at Mania, as the semi-
finals and finals of the tournament to fill the vacant title will take place

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