March to WrestleMania 2011


Arn Anderson defeated Sabu via pinfall in 0:10:08.

Big Titan pinned Jake Roberts after an inside cradle in 0:09:28.

Dean Malenko pinned Adam Bomb after a Victory Roll in 0:00:33.

Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart battled to a draw in 0:20:00.

Bret Hart made Too Cold Scorpio submit to the Sharpshooter in 0:14:29.

The Sandman pinned Rad Radford with the Flying Legdrop in 0:07:43.

Razor Ramon pinned Skip with the Razor's Edge in 0:13:29.

The Undertaker pinned The Barbarian with the Tombstone in 0:02:01.

Match Observations:

Oh oh... trouble seems to be brewing. Bret Hart and The Sandman will have to
face one another in the second round of the IC title tournament. We will have to
see how things pan out, as the two are banned from wrestling one another, but
maybe the rule will be waived just for this one match.

In any case, the tournament looks quite interesting:

- Anderson vs Titan
- Malenko gets a BYE to the semi-finals
- Bret vs Sandman
- Razor vs Undertaker

The second half of the bracketing sounds *really* good. Two major feud from the
past being put back on the map for just one time. The winner of the lower half
of the tournament will definitely be weakened major-league going into the
finals, thus as of now Dean Malenko looks to be the favorite to take the title.

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