King of the Ring 2011


Shawn Michaels pinned Brian Pillman with the Superkick in 0:26:22.

Razor Ramon defeated The Undertaker by countout in 0:21:29.

Diesel pinned Dean Malenko with the Jackknife in 0:03:11.

The Body Donnas beat Bret Hart and The Sandman when Skip pinned B. Hart after
a rolling reverse cradle in 0:19:08.

Table Death Match
Terry Funk defeated Sabu in 0:32:47.

Razor Ramon pinned Shawn Michaels after a double leg-hook in 0:15:01.

Vader pinned Diesel after a splash in 0:10:04.

[Paul E.'s Mystery Challenge]
The Eliminators beat Public Enemy when Saturn pinned Grunge after the Total Elimination in 0:18:32.

Arn Anderson pinned Great Muta after a power bomb in 0:16:08.

With Special Referee Roddy Piper
The Steiner Brothers beat Head Hunter #1 and Sabu when R. Steiner pinned Head Hunter #1 after a Steinerline in 0:01:55.

Vader pinned Razor Ramon after an inside cradle in 0:00:15.

[The Big Rematch]
Eddy Guerrero pinned Ric Flair after a small package in 0:22:30.

Match Observations:

For the first time in history, Bret Hart and the Sandman lost a match not due to
some teamwork mishap, but due to outside interference. The Sandman is known for
taking his opponents apart if they try to screw him over, and I guess that's
what will happen to the Body Donnas.

Terry Funk and Sabu really tore the house down today.

Razor Ramon seems to have his career back on track after beating the Undertaker
at In Your House. He defeated the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels before dropping
the finals of King of the Ring to Vader, who - as we all know - had one less
match enroute to the finals.

Paul E. certainly wasn't kidding when he said his new team would take the Public
Enemy apart. That's exactly what the Eliminators did. Let's say for now they had
the element of surprise in their favor... we will see how they fare against
opponents that are able to prepare for them. Be that as it may be, Kronos
and Saturn certainly made a mark.

Now we know what Piper's been up to... after the Steiners won their match
against Head Hunter #1 and Sabu (Head Hunter #2 missed the match due to
transportation problems) they introduced Roddy Piper as their new manager to a
lukewarm reaction. Either the fans were absolutely shocked or they simply didn't

Eddy Guerrero and Vader will meet one more time at SummerSlam. Expect Vader to
wrestle as aggressively as never before since Guerrero embarrassed him in their
last battle.

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