WrestleFest 2011 - Wembley Stadium


[Winner Gets A Shot At Guerrero At IYH]: 20-Man Battle Royal
The Undertaker won a 20-man Battle Royal:
x Razor threw out Michaels in 0:00:37
x Hawk threw out Sandman in 0:03:22
x Pillman threw out Muta in 0:03:59
x Hawk threw out 1-2-3 Kid after an elbowsmash in 0:04:38
x Animal threw out Scorpio after a backbreaker in 0:17:16
x Razor threw out Pillman in 0:18:10
x Hawk threw out Rocko in 0:18:38
x Razor threw out Grunge after a faceslam in 0:21:00
x D. Malenko threw out Animal in 0:22:37
x Undertaker threw out Adam Bomb in 0:25:15
x O. Hart threw out Flair after a flying cross body press in 0:31:47
x Undertaker threw out O. Hart in 0:34:03
x Undertaker threw out D. Malenko in 0:34:20
x Undertaker threw out Diesel in 0:44:09
x Undertaker threw out Roberts in 0:44:17
x Razor threw out B. Hart in 0:44:51
x Undertaker threw out Hawk after a flying lariat in 0:45:43
x Undertaker threw out Razor after an inverted atomic drop in 0:47:14
x Undertaker threw out Anderson after the Tombstone in 0:49:51

Table Death Match
Terry Funk defeated Sabu by disqualification in 0:33:10.

The Sandman and Bret Hart beat The Body Donnas when Sandman pinned Skip with the Flying Legdrop in 0:11:41.

Brian Pillman pinned Too Cold Scorpio with the Air Pillman in 0:20:31.

The Road Warriors and The Steiner Brothers battled to a draw in 0:20:00.

Public Enemy and The Eliminators battled to a double disqualification in 0:11:34.

Survivor Series Match
Vader/The Undertaker/Ric Flair/Arn Anderson/Dean Malenko beat Eddy Guerrero/Shawn Michaels/Diesel/Razor Ramon/Great Muta 5 falls to 4:
x Vader beat Diesel via the Power Bomb in 0:13:30
x Muta beat Flair via the Moonsault in 0:20:18
x Muta beat Anderson via a flying forearm in 0:22:01
x Vader beat Muta via the Power Bomb in 0:22:16
x Guerrero beat D. Malenko via the Swinging DDT in 0:27:08
x Vader beat Michaels via a lariat in 0:33:45
x Guerrero beat Vader via a small package in 0:37:06
x Undertaker beat Guerrero via the Tombstone in 0:39:16
x Undertaker beat Razor via a choke slam in 0:42:28
Survivor: The Undertaker

Match Observations:

It may very well be that SummerSlam won't be Eddy Guerrero vs Vader, but the
Undertaker vs Vader. The Undertaker took it all tonight. First he totally
dominated the big Battle Royal, and then he won the WWF Cup by eliminating WWF
World Champion Eddy Guerrero as well as arch-enemy Razor Ramon.

Guerrero did a great job (pardon the pun), though, as he managed to beat Vader
*again*. I never thought I'd be saying this at any point, but the main threat
to Eddy's title reign at this point seems to be the Undertaker much more than
Vader, whom Guerrero beat several times in the past few months.

Wouldn't you believe it... have you ever seen a Table Death Match end in a DQ ?
Apparently the ref didn't know what to do when Cactus Jack made his return to
the WWF attacking Terry Funk.

Bret Hart and the Sandman seem to have their act together now. They functioned
extremely well as a team in beating the Body Donnas.

It seems as though the Steiners and the Road Warriors aren't getting along at
all. What started as a friendly title match ended in a wild brawl after the time
limit ran its course. They will be rematched at SummerSlam, however the Head
Hunters will be next in line for a title shot once again.

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