Showdown in the Pond 2011


Steve Austin pinned Too Cold Scorpio with the Stone Code Stunner in 0:18:34.

Bret Hart and The Sandman beat The Head Hunters when B. Hart pinned Head Hunter #2 after a cross-body block in 0:19:27.

[Spin The Wheel Make The Deal Match]: Miami Street Fight Falls-Count-Anywhere Match
Terry Funk pinned Cactus Jack after hitting him with a branding iron in 0:19:15.

Iron Man Match
The Eliminators beat Public Enemy 5 falls to 4 :
x Kronos beat Rocko via a roll away in 0:04:44
x Rocko beat Kronos via disqualification in 0:13:19
x Grunge beat Kronos via the Spinebuster in 0:15:25
x Rocko beat Saturn via a moonsault in 0:17:07
x Kronos beat Grunge after the Total Elimination in 0:27:55
x Rocko beat Saturn via the Drive By in 0:35:27
x Saturn beat Rocko via the Tiger Bomb in 0:43:11
x Saturn beat Grunge after the Total Elimination in 0:45:30
x Kronos beat Rocko via a splash in 0:53:34
x time limit expired in 1:00:00

Owen Hart defeated Sabu via pinfall in 0:17:31.

Special Six-Man-Tag Match
Chris Benoît, Shawn Michaels and Diesel beat Horsemen Flair & Anderson and 1-2-3 Kid when Benoît defeated Anderson by
disqualification in 0:25:56.

Match Observations:

We saw an impressive debut today by WWF newcomer Steve Austin. Too Cold Scorpio
held his own against Austin but fell prey to the Stone Cold Stunner after
missing a plancha.

Bret Hart and the Sandman seem to be getting better by the day as a tag team.
Who knows, if they keep winning like this, they might be in line for a title
shot soon.

The Cornette factor spelled the difference between victory and defeat for Owen
Hart when Hart challenged the new IC Champion, Sabu. Not that Hart didn't
wrestle a good match, but it all came down to Cornette's interference which cost
Sabu the IC title only six days after he won it from Arn Anderson. The WWF
booking committee will have to take another look at this one.

The suspensions imposed on Vader and the Undertaker will not be lifted until the
Survivor Series, when they'll face injured WWF champion Eddy Guerrero in a
Triangle Match.

Apparently Chris Benoit really got under Brian Pillman's skin when he caused
the Horseman to lose to the Great Muta at SummerSlam. Pillman, who mustn't
wrestle in the WWF again before the Survivor Series, interfered on behalf of his
cohorts and gave Benoit a royal postmatch whipping.

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