In Your House 2011 IV


Ahmed Johnson pinned Skip with the Pearl River Plunge in 0:09:20.

Special Six-Man-Tag Match
The Head Hunters and Cactus Jack beat Public Enemy and Terry Funk when Cactus Jack pinned T. Funk with the Leaping DDT in 0:33:29.

Steve Austin pinned Great Muta with the Stone Code Stunner in 0:13:43.

The Road Warriors beat The Sandman and Bret Hart when Hawk defeated Sandman by
disqualification in 0:12:40.

Owen Hart made Sabu submit to the Sharpshooter in 0:05:14.

Chris Benoît pinned Arn Anderson with the Dragon Suplex in 0:19:59.
(Arn Anderson suffered a sprained ankle. He will be out for approximately 2 cards.)

The Eliminators and The Steiner Brothers battled to a double countout in 0:18:41.

Justin Bradshaw pinned Razor Ramon with the Lariat in 0:20:29.

Dean Malenko pinned Shawn Michaels after a German suplex in 0:30:16.

Eddy Guerrero pinned Ric Flair with the Swinging DDT in 0:26:57.

Match Observations:

Where shall we start ? The IYH PPV was one of the most eventful shows of all
time. Not in terms of title changes, mind you, but in terms of changing the
face of the WWF for good.

Two long-time WWF stars had their final match with the WWF for the time being
tonight. Sabu decided to leave the WWF for personal reasons, while the Great
Muta was ordered back to Japan after his contract expired. We wish both of them
the best of luck in future endeavors.

The WWF will be having a major influx of new wrestlers over the next months, and
Ahmed Johnson and Justin Bradshaw were the first of the new batch to make it to
the WWF. Both were impressive, but Bradshaw really made a name for himself by
defeating no one else than Razor Ramon in his debut match.

The Eliminators and the Steiners will be heading for some more matches against
one another in the weeks and months to come, and I wouldn't be surprised if the
Road Warriors and Public Enemy were to become involved somewhere in there.

Speaking of the Road Warriors, they really had a major hard-fought match with
Bret Hart and the Sandman, which was way more competitive than expected given
both teams' tag team experience. The Sandman went absolutely gaga when the Road
Warriors weren't affected by his brawling tactics and caned the living hell out
of both Warriors near the end of the match.

Cactus Jack and Terry Funk still seem to be going strong against one another,
trading wins back and forth.

Chris Benoit managed to pin Arn Anderson clean in the middle of the ring after
both men displayed their wide array of wrestling skill in probably the first
match in ages in which there was no outside interference on part of the
Horsemen. Maybe the fact that Brian Pillman was banned from the building also
helped... :)

Dean Malenko also seems to be on his way back to the top, defeating current
number one contender Shawn Michaels clean after ducking his Superkick finisher.

Speaking of the title, current WWF champion Eddy Guerrero seems to be ready for
his biggest challenge to date: the triangle match vs Vader and the Undertaker
at Survivor Series.

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