Memphis RAW December 2013


Rocky Maivia pinned Razor Ramon with the Rock Bottom in 0:00:44.
Rating: * 1/4
Dave Finlay pinned Bret Hart after a side step in 0:11:15.
Rating: ***
Buh Buh Ray Dudley and Diesel battled to a double countout in 0:07:23.
Rating: -* 3/4
Toshiaki Kawada defeated Cactus Jack and Sabu when Kawada pinned Cactus Jack after a backdrop driver in 0:09:16.
Rating: **** 1/4
Ric Flair pinned Dean Malenko after a small package in 0:13:57.
Rating: ** 1/2
Rob Van Dam pinned Brian Pillman with the Van Daminator in 0:16:02.
(Rob Van Dam retained the WWF Intercontinental Title.)
Rating: ***
[Grudge Match]
Hollywood Hogan pinned Vader with the Big Leg Drop in 0:04:00.
Rating: *

Match Observations:

First things first. Toshiaki Kawada did it. Cactus and Sabu were all over him
the whole match through, double-teaming him left and right. Then he saw an
opening and flattened Sabu causing him to roll out of the ring. Meanwhile,
Cactus Jack just got up from the massive enzuigiri Kawada had hit him with and
stumbled right into a backdrop driver for the winning pin.

Toshiaki Kawada and his partner will therefore challenge Jyushin Lyger and
Kensuke Sasaki for the WWF World Tag Team Titles.

Rocky Maivia is continuing his winning ways beating one superstar after another.
His latest victim: former Intercontinental Champion, Razor Ramon. For the first
time, Rocky had to prove his tenacity because Ramon almost immediately hit him
with his Razor's Edge. Rocky managed to escape and literally out of nowhere hit
the Rock Bottom for the winning 1-2-3.

The Nature Boy is ready... ready to challenge Chris Benoit for the title. Dean
Malenko tried to add insult to injury by putting Flair into his own finisher,
the figure-four. Flair, being the veteran he is, saw his opening and rolled up
Dean Malenko into a small package for the winning pin. Can he pull it off one
more time ? Time will tell.

Never count Brian Pillman out. He hasn't accomplished much in the past few
months and in all honesty, he was only supposed to be a warmup opponent for Rob
Van Dam. Lo and behold - Pillman almost beat him for the title. Let me rephrase
that: Pillman had Van Dam beat. The only reason why he ended up losing in the
end is a combination of a knocked out ref and Bill Alfonso. You should be able
to fill in the blanks.

The WWF has announced the participants for the five-man round robin tournament,
the winner of which will get a shot at the WWF title at the Royal Rumble. Due to
the way some matches went tonight, two last-minute changes have been made to the

Bret Hart has been pulled from the tournament after his embarrassing loss to
Dave Finlay and replaced with Ken Shamrock who earned the slot by his stellar
performance at the Survivor Series.

Secondly, Hollywood Hogan will be replacing Vader as the number one seed. Vader
pulled out on his own after losing to Hollywood Hogan in only four minutes.

"In Your House - X Marks The Spot" is almost upon us. Be sure not to miss it !

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