In Your House - X Marks The Spot


Ken Shamrock made Hollywood Hogan submit to the Ankle Lock Submission in 0:16:10.
Rating: * 1/4
The Undertaker pinned Arn Anderson with the Tombstone in 0:11:25.
Rating: * 3/4

Rocky Maivia pinned Owen Hart with the Rock Bottom in 0:05:37.
Rating: **** 1/4

Hollywood Hogan pinned Hayabusa with the Big Leg Drop in 0:26:38.
Rating: ** 1/4
Ken Shamrock made Arn Anderson submit to the Ankle Lock Submission in 0:16:20.
Rating: ***
Toshiaki Kawada and Masahiro Chono defeated Jushin Liger and Kensuke Sasaki when Chono made Liger submit to the STF in 0:17:15.
(Toshiaki Kawada and Masahiro Chono won the WWF World Tag Team Titles.)
Rating: *****
The Undertaker pinned Hayabusa with the Tombstone in 0:04:08.
Rating: * 3/4
Arn Anderson pinned Hollywood Hogan after a DDT in 0:20:54.
Rating: -* 3/4
Rob Van Dam pinned Brian Christopher after a reverse cradle in 0:10:42.
(Rob Van Dam retained the WWF Intercontinental Title.)
Rating: *** 1/4
The Undertaker and Ken Shamrock battled to a double countout in 0:14:05.
Rating: * 1/4

Hayabusa pinned Arn Anderson with the Falcon Arrow in 0:18:11.
Rating: *** 3/4
Chris Benoit pinned Ric Flair after a German suplex in 0:15:31.
(Chris Benoit retained the WWF World Title.)
Rating: *** 3/4
The Undertaker pinned Hollywood Hogan after a choke slam in 0:02:33.
Rating: -3/4*
Ken Shamrock pinned Hayabusa after a power bomb in 0:16:56.
Rating: *** 1/4

Match Observations:

Round Robin Standings

Round Robin For WWF Title Shot
1. Ken Shamrock 7 ( 3: 0: 1)
The Undertaker 7 ( 3: 0: 1)
3. Hollywood Hogan 2 ( 1: 3: 0)
Arn Anderson 2 ( 1: 3: 0)
Hayabusa 2 ( 1: 3: 0)

There is it... the tournament which was supposed to give us a decisive
winner and challenger for the WWF champion. Unfortunately, the tournament
ended in a tie which means that Chris Benoit will defend the WWF World
Title against *both* Ken Shamrock and The Undertaker at the same time -

Brian Christopher was extremely impressive in his attempt to wrestle the
gold away from Rob Van Dam. He is certain to get a rematch in the near
future but the Royal Rumble will mark the Clash Of Titans... Rob Van Dam
and Hayabusa will go at it for the title - one on one in a table match !

We have new WWF World Tag Team Champions in Toshiaki Kawada and... his
mystery tag team partner which turned out to be none other than the boss
of nWo Japan, Masahiro Chono. Chono was the last person people were
expecting... and apparently the same can be said for Lyger and Sasaki who
practically got steamrolled over by Chono's vigor and intensity.

Still... the match was one for the history books and the two teams will
be rematched at the Royal Rumble and this time around, one fall won't make
the difference.

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