SummerSlam 2014


Dave Finlay pinned Brian Pillman with the Tombstone in 0:00:44.
Rating: *
Masato Tanaka pinned Ahmed Johnson after a swinging DDT in 0:01:23.
Rating: ** 1/2
Vince McMahon and Brian Christopher reveal the upcoming match in the ring.
Match with Special Referee Rocky Maivia
Brian Christopher defeated Hollywood Hogan by pinfall 0:09:18.
Rating: *
Bret Hart and Val Venis defeated The Dudley Boys when B. Hart pinned D-Von Dudley after a small package in 0:05:37.
Rating: **** 1/4
Kendo Ka Shin pinned Hayabusa after a tiger driver in 0:18:53.
(Kendo Ka Shin retained the WWF Intercontinental Title.)
(Kendo Ka Shin injured his left knee. He will be out for approximately 2 cards.)
Rating: **** 1/4
Rob Van Dam defeated Shawn Michaels by countout in 0:15:16.
Rating: **** 1/4
Cactus Jack and Sabu defeated Stan Hansen and Steve Williams when Sabu pinned S. Williams after a flying legdrop in 0:18:33.
(Cactus Jack and Sabu retained the WWF World Tag Team Titles.)
Rating: **
Arn Anderson called out Ric Flair to hear his decision.
Brawl For All
Ken Shamrock defeated The Undertaker via first-round knockout at the 02:56 mark.
(Ken Shamrock won the WWF Brawl For All Title.)
(Ken Shamrock suffered a dislocated right shoulder. He will be out for approximately 1 card.)
Al Snow pinned Chris Benoit after a small package in 0:34:41.
(Al Snow retained the WWF World Title.)
Rating: *****

Match Observations:

What a shocking turn of events !

It shouldn't have been that big of a surprise that Chris Benoit turned down the
Horsemen's invitation to join their team for the final hurrah at the Survivor
Series. However, the hatred which Benoit seems to harbor towards his old
buddies seems to have not cooled down one bit since his Horsemen days. In a
scene designed to leave a memorable impression of the leading stable in
wrestling history, the one thing which'll stick out of peoples' minds the most
is an irate Chris Benoit promising to beat Flair to a bloody pulp.

On the brighter side of things, Dave Finlay finally made his WWF return after
recovering for some time from a triceps tear courtesy of Masato Tanaka. Tanaka
better beware... Finlay is back and the "Dangan hunting season" is on.

WWF Intercontinental Champion Kendo Ka Shin doesn't seem to be the luckiest
person walking the face of the earth. While his back did manage to withstand
the onslaught Hayabusa had in store, this time Kendos knee gave out which will
keep him out of action most likely until the Survivor Series.

Rob Van Dam is making a great impression here in the WWF. Tonight he defeated
a totally outclassed Shawn Michaels via countout, adding insult to injury.

History did not repeat itself ! Cactus Jack and Sabu managed to best the team
of Williams and Hansen - thanks to a helping hand from Paul E. Dangerously, that
is. Be that as it may be, the next team on the horizon is Bret Hart and Val
Venis. If they thought Hansen and Williams were bad, wait until they have to
face the two Canadians. It's not going to be pretty - I promise you that much.

Thus far we have no idea what exactly it is that Rocky Maivia and Brian
Christopher have up their sleeves, however one thing's for sure: it's ticking
Hollywood Hogan off more every minute that goes by. Not only did he lose to
Brian Christopher, but he lost to a simple kick. If that isn't humiliating,
I don't know what is. Actually, having special referee the Rock knock your
leg off of the bottom rope may be very close as well...

So all we know now is that both Brian Christopher and the Rock are in for a
title shot. Neither will be at the Survivor Series, though, as the champion
will be part of the WarGames match against the Horsemen.

Ken Shamrock is the new WWF Brawl For All Champion by knocking out the
Undertaker during the first round. In fact, his knockout punch was so strong
that Shamrock dislocated his own shoulder throwing it. A punch that KOs the
Undertaker HAS to be a killer punch.

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