Survivor Series 2014


Elimination Match
Brian Christopher, Hayabusa, Dave Finlay and Jushin Liger beat Al Snow, Masato Tanaka, Shinjiro Otani and Kensuke Sasaki 4 falls to 1:
x Hayabusa beat Otani via the Falcon Arrow in 0:11:39
x Hayabusa beat M. Tanaka via a German suplex in 0:12:04
x double pin (Snow and Hayabusa) in 0:21:02
x B. Christopher beat Sasaki via a crucifix in 0:33:40
Survivors: Brian Christopher, Dave Finlay, Jushin Liger Rating: *****

Elimination Match
Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown beat The Dudleys (Big Dic
k Dudley, Buh Buh Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley) and The Undertaker 4 falls to 0:
x M. Henry beat D-Von Dudley via a short lariat in 0:04:24
x Michaels beat Buh Buh Ray via the Superkick in 0:06:22
x M. Henry beat Undertaker via a power bomb in 0:11:51
x D-Lo beat Big Dick Dudley via the Low Down in 0:30:21
Survivors: Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Mark Henry, D-Lo Brown Rating: **** 1/4

Ken Shamrock was interviewed and he issued a challenge.
Brawl For All
Ken Shamrock defeated The Undertaker via first-round technical knockout at the 04:33 mark.
(Ken Shamrock won the WWF Brawl For All Title.)
(The Undertaker suffered a broken jaw and a severe concussion. He will be out for approximately 15 cards.)
Elimination Match
Rocky Maivia, Cactus Jack, Sabu and Dan Severn beat Hollywood Hogan, Steve Williams, Stan Hansen and Rick Steiner 4 falls to 3:
x Hansen beat Severn via the Lariat in 0:11:22
x R. Maivia beat S. Williams via a backspin DDT in 0:14:38
x Hansen beat R. Maivia via countout in 0:17:28
x Sabu beat Hansen via a flying cross body press in 0:25:50
x R. Steiner beat Cactus Jack via a Steinerline in 0:27:28
x Sabu beat R. Steiner via a slingshot facebuster in 0:31:57
x Sabu beat Hogan via a ropeflip moonsault in 0:33:25
Survivors: Sabu Rating: ****

The Horsemen revealed their partner for WarGames.
War Games No-Countout-No-DQ-Match
The Horsemen (Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard) defeated Chris Benoit, Bret Hart, Kendo Ka Shin and Val Venis when Flair made Venis submit to the Figure-Four Leglock in 0:21:27.
Rating: **** 3/4

Match Observations:

What really can matter about this year's Survivor Series other than the main
event ?

In front of a hometown crowd in Charlotte, the Four Horsemen rode off into the
sunset in a very fitting and emotional manner. They displayed the teamwork the
Horsemen have always been famous for in dismantling the best the WWF had to
offer one final time.

Thank you, Ric Flair. Thank you, Arn Anderson. Both of you will be missed.

D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry certainly made an impact upon their WWF debut. Mark
Henry softened up and eventually disposed of WWF legend The Undertaker without
much effort on his part, and D-Lo Brown displayed some of the finest teamwork
seen anywhere with both Henry and Shawn Michaels. These two should be watched
in the future.

Ken Shamrock scored not only a moral victory but also a title victory in an
impromptu match against the Undertaker. Despite a bad elbow injury and a not-
yet-fully-healed shoulder, Shamrock gutted it out and KOed the Undertaker with
a well-placed uppercut which broke his jaw and gave him a severe concussion.
Ken Shamrock has been redeemed - or so it seems.

The Rock played his games on Hollywood Hogan once again. Even though they
officially faced one another tonight, they never touched. The Rock even went
so far as to voluntarily get himself counted out against Stan Hansen just to
make Hogan even madder.

Rocky Maivia has said it time and again - with his WWF career coming to a
close, he will not face Hogan, so it seems as though Hogan will have to live
with his hatred forever. Very smart move on Maivia's part because Hogan has
been easy pickings ever since he screwed Maivia out of his WWF contract prior
to the King of the Ring.

Tomorrow night Chris Benoit will face Brian Christopher for the WWF title,
and in only three weeks, the winner of that match will have to defend his title
against The Rock in the latter's final WWF match.

We'll have a great program for you tomorrow with a whole host of new faces. See
you then !

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