RAW in the Rosemont Horizon 2014


Edge pinned Dan Severn after a spear in 0:07:45.
Rating: **** 1/4
D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry defeated The Dudley Boys when D-Lo pinned Buh Buh Ray after an elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle in 0:09:33.
Rating: *** 3/4
Hayabusa pinned Al Snow after an inside cradle in 0:00:57.
Rating: *
Stan Hansen and Steve Williams and Bret Hart and Val Venis battled to a double countout in 0:14:30.
(Bret Hart and Val Venis retained the WWF World Tag Team Titles.)
Rating: * 1/2

Kendo Ka Shin made Shawn Michaels submit to a short arm scissors in 0:19:40.
(Kendo Ka Shin retained the WWF Intercontinental Title.)
Rating: *** 3/4
Sabu was interviewed by Jim Ross concerning his future career as a singles wrestler.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
Sabu drew Rob Van Dam:
x Van Dam beat Sabu via the Van Daminator in 0:09:07
x Sabu beat Van Dam via an armbar submission in 0:30:41
x time limit expired (Sabu and Van Dam) in 0:45:00

Rating: **** 1/4
Brian Christopher pinned Chris Benoit with the Tennessee Jam in 0:16:02.
(Brian Christopher won the WWF World Title.)
Rating: *****
Brian Christopher adds insult to injury and whacks Chris Benoit over the head with the title.

Match Observations:

As promised, the WWF debuted a whole host of new faces tonight on RAW... or did
they ?!?

If you think about it, the only *really* new face was Canadian youngster Edge
who disposed of the feared Dan "The Beast" Severn after a long, hard fight.

Or did the WWF mean they'd show a completely new face in terms of the direction
the company is heading in ?

If that is the case, the announcement suddenly makes sense. Newcomers D-Lo
Brown and Mark Henry beating the Dudleys on their way to a title shot against
the WWF World Tag Team Champions. Hayabusa blitzing Al Snow in seconds. WWF
legend Shawn Michaels losing an Intercontinental Title Match clean via
submission to the current champion, Kendo Ka Shin. Sabu and Rob Van Dam
squaring off for the first time in a long while. And the crowning of a new
WWF World Champion in Brian Christopher. A lot has changed in the past few
months, and the face of the WWF will never be the same again.

Sabu and Rob Van Dam... only one of these men will become a fixture on the
WWF singles roster. There isn't enough room for both these men in the WWF, and
at In Your House in three weeks, they will meet one more time in a Final War
match. The winner is guaranteed a title shot down the line. The loser leaves
the WWF.

In addition, another long-running feud will culminate at that event. Masato
Tanaka and Dave Finlay will collide for the very last time. The winner is
guaranteed a shot at the Intercontinental Title soon.

It's truly unbelievable ! Brian Christopher of all people has beaten Chris
Benoit for the WWF World Title - fair and square, in the middle of the ring.
And it didn't end there... Christopher worked hard to add insult to injury,
decking Benoit with his newly-won title after the match. As if that hadn't
been enough, he also caused serious friction between longtime friends and travel
partners Benoit and Ken Shamrock. Shamrock, who tried to save Benoit from
Christopher's savage beating, was mistaken by Benoit for being the perpetrator
of the attack. As a consequence, Benoit put the already-injured Shamrock in the
Crippler Crossface.

You can expect something important to happen in this regard at In Your House.

As many of you will recall, the Rock will get a title shot against Brian
Christopher at In Your House in his final match with the WWF. What will happen
should he win the title ?

That question would have to be addressed by WWF officials but we can only
speculate. The most probably scenario is to strip the Rock of the title and put
it up for grabs in January's Royal Rumble. We will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, Edge will face his first real challenge in the WWF at In Your House:
former WWF World Champion Hollywood Hogan. Maybe it's just me but it doesn't
look good for the youngster !

Shawn Michaels has requested a rematch against Kendo Ka Shin which has been
granted and will also take place at In Your House. He wants to avenge his
embarrassing loss from tonight, and who is to blame him ?

Finally, the WWF World Tag Team Titles will be contested in a Four-Way Dance
with champions Bret Hart and Val Venis, top contenders Stan Hansen and Steve
Williams, the Dudley Boys and Liger and Sasaki from Japan.

See you in three weeks !

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