This is a read-only version of the old TNM7.COM Forums which have been discontinued. We've brought this version of the Forums back by popular demand - the Circuits subforum still has many fans.
Forum CategoryForumDescription
TNMHelpEncountering problems of any sort ? Need advice with your circuits ? This should be your starting point.
TNMDiscussionWhat are the most useful aspects of TNM 7 ? Where do you see room for improvement ?
TNMWish ListWhat features are you sorely missing from TNM 7 SE? This forum will regularly be monitored for good ideas for new plugins.
TNMExport FilesLooking for any particular wrestler or match ? Post your requests - and your announcements, of course, - here.
TNME-FedsThis is the proper place to post your feds and cards. Everything goes - as long as it's dealing with e-feds.
TNM CircuitsTNM CircuitsThis board is for TNM Circuits ONLY - no other e-feds permitted.
TNM CircuitsTNM 3:16 Wrestling UniverseWhere you can find announcements of updates to the TNM 3:16 website. Also home to my circuits like PWF, SOTBW, AOW, and maybe even a return of the zany IHLW.
TNM CircuitsNew Age Wrestling Alliance
TNM CircuitsThird Coast Wrestling (3CW)
TNM CircuitsBCWBCW: Where old school wrestling makes its return.
TNM CircuitsGlobal Championship WrestlingWrestling the way it was meant to be.
TNM CircuitsTommy's Wrestling UniverseNow featuring UWF, WCW-SF, BAW and more!
TNM CircuitsNDWWhere oldschool and the future meet.
TNM CircuitsExtreme Championship Wrestling
TNM CircuitsMotor City Pro Wrestling (MCPW)
TNM CircuitsAlliance of Wrestling Excellence
TNM CircuitsTNM-MP EliteThe latest TNM-MP variant.
TNM CircuitsWorld Wrestling LeagueAn IFL-like project where there are teams of wrestlers in different weight divisions competing with each other in a league setting.
TNM CircuitsTNM Fantasy-Draft League
TNM CircuitsTNMWAThe TNM Wrestling Association - send in your export file to join! This is the official place where results, challenges, discussions and rants will be posted. Have fun!
WrestlingWWEWWE news and views - armchair bookers welcome
WrestlingTNAEverything TNA has a home here.
WrestlingUS IndependentsROH, OVW, CZW... if they run shows in the US or Canada, they belong here.
WrestlingPuroresuAll Japan, New Japan, Pro Wrestling NOAH, Japanese indies, Joshi... if it's Nippon-jin, it's welcome.
WrestlingLuchaIs it the best of the best or the worst of the worst ? You be the judge. This is Lucha Central on TNM7.COM.
Mixed Martial ArtsUFCWhat plays in Vegas stays... right here!
Mixed Martial ArtsPrideSome of the best fighters in the world duke it out here.