Royal Rumble 2015


Brawl For All
Dave Finlay defeated Ken Shamrock via second-round knockout at the 03:26 mark.
(Dave Finlay won the WWF Brawl For All Title.)
(Dave Finlay suffered an elbow injury. He will be out for approximately 3 cards.)
Brian Christopher stormed the ring to get revenge on Ken Shamrock.
Edge pinned Rick Steiner after a spear in 0:05:59.
Rating: * 3/4
Falls-Count-Anywhere Match
Steve Williams and Stan Hansen defeated Bret Hart and Val Venis when S. Williams pinned V. Venis with the Oklahoma Stampede in 0:20:40.
(Steve Williams and Stan Hansen won the WWF World Tag Team Titles.)
Rating: **** 1/4
WWF officials made an announcement concerning the future of the WWF title.
No-Countout-No-DQ-20-Man Royal Rumble
Hollywood Hogan won a 20-man Royal Rumble:
x Cactus Jack and D. Severn started out.
x Cactus Jack threw out D. Severn after a facerake in 0:00:19
x Brian Christopher entered at 0:02:00
x Dean Malenko entered at 0:04:00
x Al Snow entered at 0:06:00
x Cactus Jack threw out B. Christopher in 0:06:38
x Masato Tanaka entered at 0:08:00
x D. Malenko threw out M. Tanaka in 0:08:27
x Chris Benoit entered at 0:10:00
x D-Von Dudley entered at 0:12:00
x D-Von Dudley threw out Chris Benoit in 0:13:24
x Big Dick Dudley entered at 0:14:00
x D. Malenko threw out D-Von Dudley in 0:15:09
x Big Dick Dudley threw out Cactus Jack in 0:15:56
x Kensuke Sasaki entered at 0:16:00
x Hayabusa entered at 0:18:00
x Sasaki threw out D. Malenko after an elbowsmash in 0:18:01
x Sasaki threw out Big Dick Dudley after a powerslam in 0:18:23
x Shinjiro Otani entered at 0:20:00
x Hollywood Hogan entered at 0:22:00
x Buh Buh Ray Dudley entered at 0:24:00
x Jushin Liger entered at 0:26:00
x Hogan threw out Otani in 0:26:57
x Hogan threw out Sasaki in 0:27:02
x Sabu entered at 0:28:00
x Buh Buh Ray threw out Hayabusa after a facerake in 0:29:08
x Mark Henry entered at 0:30:00
x Hogan threw out M. Henry in 0:31:00
x Hogan threw out Buh Buh Ray after a roundhouse right in 0:31:39
x Kendo Ka Shin entered at 0:32:00
x Ka Shin threw out Sabu after a back heel kick in 0:33:19
x Shawn Michaels entered at 0:34:00
x D-Lo Brown entered at 0:36:00
x Ka Shin threw out D-Lo in 0:37:36
x Hogan threw out Snow after a backward kick in 0:39:31
x Michaels threw out Liger in 0:44:21
x Hogan threw out Ka Shin in 0:56:26
x Hogan threw out Michaels in 0:56:36

Rating: **** 1/4
Hollywood Hogan basked in the ring that his master plan has been carried out.

Match Observations:

It's official now, folks... The Rock vs Hollywood Hogan... one on one at
WrestleMania 2015 ! It's been brewing for almost nine months now, and despite
The Rock's maneuverings to keep it from happening, it is going to happen...
provided - of course - that The Rock keeps his title until WrestleMania.

If Maivia loses the title, he's gone for good. If he loses at WrestleMania, he
will be gone as well. However, if he beats Hollywood Hogan at WrestleMania, he
will get a new, indefinite contract. Everything's on the line, and this writer
here has a feeling that The Rock is starting to regret having screwed with
Hogan's career so much in the last several months. Hogan is furious... and
determined to once again become the WWF Champion.

Speaking of new champions, we have new WWF World Tag Team Champions, Steve
Williams and Stan Hansen. They defeated Bret Hart and Val Venis for the gold
when - out of the blue - Faarooq and Bradshaw, the Acolytes, stormed ringside
and clobbered Val Venis from behind, giving Williams an easy Oklahoma Stampede
victory over him.

You can count on the last chapter not having been written in this matter. We
will see Bret and Val get a well-deserved rematch shortly, however there may be
a bigger goal for them than the titles: get even with Bradshaw and Faarooq. That
will be no easy task !

Chris Benoit and Ken Shamrock keep on clashing despite neither man harboring any
ill intent whatsoever. Maybe it's just about being in the wrong place at the
wrong time. However, this friendship is souring quickly.

Tomorrow night on RAW, see Ken Shamrock challenge The Rock for the WWF title,
the debut of the Godfather against Buh Buh Ray Dudley, and Edge has something
important to say.

See you then !

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